Monday, November 18, 2019

Jingle all the way

Jingle all the Way by Lizzie Kate was a kit that came out a few years ago. I have already stitched this for myself but this little pillow is going to be a gift for a friend.

Stitched on 32 ct dirty linen and I used most of the recommended threads. The backing fabric was in the small bundle of fabrics given to me last year by a friend.

See you soon xx


Julie said...

Its beautiful Katrina! Love the slightly muted colourway in the fabrics - not too bright - just perfect !!

Sheryl said...

Hi Katrina wow this pillow is so very cute,lovely work my friend xx

Marilyn said...

So cute, love that little Elf!

Eponases said...

It looks lovely! It will be a great present :)

Vickie said...

What a super adorable gift to give!

butterfly said...

Great gift for your friend it's so cute .

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