Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A Busy Week

Where has the last week or so gone to? The silly season is well and truly underway for us. We've had work trips, the local Christmas Parade, end of year Brownies afternoon tea, a Christmas brunch with my staff and clients, still to come this week Hannah's school Christmas Carol service, birthdays to celebrate, and a dance production show to go and see.


My work friend Janet and I have a tradition at Christmas of visiting Starbucks to try out their Christmas coffees, this time it was a Toffee Nut Latte for Janet and I went with the Gingerbread Latte, yum!

I have been trying to finish off a few Christmas gifties but still managed to cast on some new socks last week. I had a new book turn up last week, an early Christmas treat. Looking forward to trying a toe up sock sometime in the new year.

My current pile of reading books is going down slowly and I started this book on Sunday. I'd seen a few good reviews about it - so far so good :)

See you soon x

Thursday, December 01, 2016

More Finishing and Christmas Decorating

A couple more items finished recently - the first two were stitched earlier this year.
I used various Cottage Garden threads and the designs are by Gail Pan, my favourite stitchery designer.

This candle mat project was adapted from a free pattern on Gail's blog last year.

It was time to decorate our Christmas tree on the weekend, Hannah is becoming quite the expert in hanging all our special ornaments. I keep saying that we must get a bigger tree - next year will be the year for sure because Hannah is almost taller than the tree now!

I just love opening up the Christmas boxes and rediscovering the ornaments and other decorations that I've come to really treasure over the years, whether they are handmade, or have been given by a friend or family member, or that are new for the year. 

See you soon x

Monday, November 28, 2016

Swirl E Socks

I'm so happy, I have finished my second pair of socks!

These ones seemed to have been on my needles for ages, but only because I've been putting them aside for some secret Christmas stitching!

Pattern: Swirl E Socks by Prairie Girl Designs (free Pattern)
Yarn: Inky's Empy Tank by Bleating Art Yarn
Needles: 2.5mm

I really enjoyed this pattern so I'll definitely be make more of these!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Dolly Crochet Blanket

This little granny square dolly blanket will be soon on its way to a sweet little girl in the UK. 

I used the left over Stylecraft yarn from Hannah's cupcake blanket and randomly pulled out the colours of my crochet bag as the blanket grew.

For the edging I used the same border pattern from the Cupcake blanket pattern.

Thank you to Hannah's "kids" for being the models, lol.

Have a lovely weekend. See you soon xx

Monday, November 21, 2016

Lizzie Kate Stockings

It's been so good to get through some of my unfinished stitching projects lately.

Flora McSample 2015's Stockings
design by Lizzie Kate

See you soon xx

Friday, November 18, 2016

Xmas Tea

A big thank you for all the comments on my previous finish and other recent posts!

You've probably already guessed that I stitch a lot of Christmas designs every year, including all the ornaments I love to give to my family and friends. One of my favourite stitching acquisitions each year has to be the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine. I usually order it from the US as it doesn't tend to arrive in NZ book shops until almost Christmas. When it arrives I make myself a cuppa and then sit for awhile going through the new issue to find my favourites for the year. 

In this year's issue I was a little disappointed to see that many of my favourite designers are no longer contributing to the magazine but I still think its filled with lots of other lovely designs.

This year's favourite choice was Xmas Tea by Primitive Acorns.

I stitched this on 30 count Straw linen by Weeks Dye Works using the recommended threads.

You can purchase other Primitive Acorns patterns by designer Teresa Murgida via Etsy.

See you soon xx

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

December Word Play

December Word Play - With Thy Needle and Thread
stitched with mostly the recommended threads, 32 ct linen

Stitched during my holiday back in September, I recently made this lovely design into a small pillow. I followed an excellent tutorial by Jenny from Elefantz - make sure you check out her lovely blog, filled with gorgeous stitchery patterns, recipes and lots more. Jenny also offers a monthly Stitchery Club that you can join for a small fee.

See you soon xx

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Life Lately

Four more books from the library recently to add to the pile - my reserves always all come in at once!

One day last week Hannah and I had free afternoon after school so we decided to go for a treat in town. One of our local cafes, the Lilypond makes the best iced chocolates and iced coffees, they are seriously yum!

One of the roses in our garden has bloomed and I wish you could smell these - this is Blackberry Nip, given to me by Glenn's wonderful Nana Alice many years ago. It smells divine.

Remember our snowballs from a few weeks ago, well, hubby is now threatening to cut them down as there are now petals for miles, it really does look like its been snowing!

My little girl is growing up - she decided at Saturday's hair cut appointment to go for a "long bob", she was so thrilled and Sarah, our hair dresser, was amazed that Hannah let her cut off so much.

This weekend was the annual A & P show so we headed there for a few hours on Saturday afternoon.

My cousin Donna and her boyfriend were with us for the weekend so it was great to spend some time with them too.

Hannah and her best friend checking out the Rose Competition.

Maybe next year I'll enter one of my Blackberry Nip blooms!

See you soon with some actual stitching finishes lol. xx

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Our Friends Stitching Circle Project & a Get Together

The second part in the Little Help from Our Friends Stitching Circle club arrived recently from the Silver Needle.

This time we received a gorgeous hand made needle holder, it's so pretty. I love this design, I haven't stitched anything before by the Cricket Collection so I'll look forward to starting this over my summer holiday break.

It's been sometime since my stitching group's last catch up, due to one thing or another, so on Sunday I invited the ladies around as we were going to have a special friend join us for the afternoon.

Several years ago I "meet" Elizabeth from Auckland, via my blog and we've been great friends ever since. At the moment Elizabeth and her DH are on holiday, having a little road trip around the North Island, including a few nights in Hawkes Bay. This was the very first time I have met Elizabeth in person and we had a fantastic time catching up with one another.

It was a lovely afternoon, lots of chatting, show and tell of our current projects and some yummy goodies for afternoon tea, including Kath's homemade brandy snaps and I made some sausage rolls, which I knew the ladies loved from previous get togethers.

I decided to make Elizabeth a little project bag using some of my favourite Moda fabric:

Also, a little pin cushion to go inside, this is a Soed Idee Design pattern.

We were thrilled to find out that a quilt of Elizabeth's had recently won a prize at the Auckland Festival of Quilts, congratulations and well done!

See you soonx

Thursday, November 03, 2016

Snowballs, Horse Riding, a Pumpkin Fairy and a Witch's Cat

Our two snowball, or pom pom, trees on our drive way are in full bloom at the moment. I love seeing the snowballs turn from lime green to white.

Last Sunday Hannah and I spent the day at Acres Wild, a riding school in Pakipaki, Hastings, with fifty other Hawkes Bay Girl Guides and a group of parents. We had a great day, well, apart from getting drenched in the last half an hour because we were out on an orienteering treasure hunt in one of the far paddocks! All good fun though!!

The girls spent the day participating in various activities including games, croquet, archery, riding, and horse care.

Hannah's horse was called Chocolate, and she had a fantastic time.

The archery was heaps of fun too.

This year our local supermarket had a Pumpkin competition for Halloween, and this is the creation Hannah came up with, with some help from her Dad with the carving of the face, a pumpkin fairy.

She was so excited to get a phone call from the supermarket after school on Tuesday to say she'd been chosen for the first prize! Yippee! First prize was gift card to spend in store so she was very, very happy about that and has already been thinking up a list of all the goodies she can buy, lol.

Halloween was earlier in the week and Hannah did some trick or treating around the neighbour hood with big cousin Zoe and a couple of her friends. This year she put her costume together herself, a witch's cat. This year there seemed to a lot more children out and about so the kids had a great time checking out all the costumes.

See you soon xx

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