Thursday, November 21, 2019

This Week

A few snippets from this past week:

I've started what I think is the last of my gift stitching - I say that because I need to do a tally up this weekend and check I haven't missed any off my list!

Sorting through some photos recently and I can't recall sharing a pic of this little pillow.  I stitched this Lizzie Kate design at the end of last year but it remained unfinished until a few months ago. I love the bright colours in this design.

I don't think I've shared a progress pic of Christmas Wishes for awhile either, there's not too much to go on this sweet sampler.

Miss H had her first swim of the season - brr, the water is far too cold for me, I don't think I'll be getting in there for a few more weeks!

It was the annual A&P show last Saturday so we went for a look around. Hannah enjoyed her twisted chip, a few rides and side shows, and catching up with her friend. I was able to briefly catch up with one of my cousins and her girls, who were involved in the horse jumping, a quick hello and chat, before the next round of jumping started.

On Sunday we headed through to Napier for the day for a special afternoon, taking Hannah along to see the Royal New Zealand Ballet's production of Hansel & Gretel.

It was wonderful - the music, costumes and of course, the ballet was absolutely amazing, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then it was time for a treat - an annual tradition of trying out the Christmas specialty drinks at Starbucks.

This weekend coming up is our last free weekend before the "silly season" starts so I've got a list a mile long of things to try and get done including some sewing, the last of my Christmas ornaments. I'm really looking forward to working on some new projects soon, even though I've got several leftover wips from Stitch Maynia and Jolly July. All in good time!

See you soon xx


White Rose said...

Hi Katrina wow i love your stitching your pillow is very cute.
Boy Miss H has grown up so quick,her twistie potato is making me hungry lol xx

butterfly said...

Your stitching looks so lovely and bright .
Looks like you are hoping into Summer here we have cold and rain again.
Enjoy your week.

Marilyn said...

Looks like a fun, busy time.
Love those LK's!

Tammy said...

I LOVE that LK Santa design you are stitching! So many of these things wind up on my MUST HAVE NOW list because I see them on a blog being stitched beautifully! And the play-how special! Hansel and Gretel is one of the stories I was brought up on, and I have to say it scared me senseless as a child, lol!

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