Sunday, October 16, 2016


Now that Hannah's blanket is finished, I've been planning and getting ready several projects to work on over the next few weeks, including some Christmas gifties. 

I just love red work stitching and have lots of patterns ready to stitch. The Birdhouse Designs by Natalie Bird are some of my favourites so I decided to get Christmas Angels underway the other night.

Here's a few other stitchery projects I've stitched during the year, please excuse the wrinkles!

It's a been a lovely day here today, warm and sunny, so we've spent most of it outside gardening, mowing lawns and other jobs getting everything tidied up after winter. Next weekend, which is a long weekend for us as there are public holidays on Friday and Monday, I'm hoping to get our vegetable garden planted out and some more seedlings underway in the green house.

Enjoy your week xxx


Elizabeth said...

Some gorgeous patterns there Katrina. I love redwork too especially for christmas designs. We have had light showers, sun and overcast skies here today and it hasn't exactly been warm, but, thankfully a dear friend came to mow our lawns for John.

Marilyn said...

These are all so cute.

Maggee said...

Love your redwork pieces! Good stitching! I chuckle when I read that you are cleaning up after winter, and preparing for spring planting... it just amazes me, how we are in opposite ends of earth!! Hugs!

Bethan Foulkes said...

Love the patterns! You're very organised too - I normally only just start thinking about christmas about this time of year!

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