Friday, May 13, 2016

Currently Stitching & New Stash

Thank you for the kind words about Poppy, it means a lot. She is such a dear kitty, very smoochy and affectionate towards anyone and we are really missing how she'd follow us around the house, until you sat down and then she'd be either sitting on you or right by you, snuggling up as close as possible. 

I've been a bit tired in the evenings lately due to a few work projects on the go so I haven't been staying up too late. I was hoping to have this lovely Blackbird Designs project finished in time for Hannah's birthday but it's not far off from completion.

As its been some time I decided to treat myself to some new charts recently, and these arrived earlier in the week.

Home for the Holidays is a lovely book and I'm looking forward to stitching some of the Garden Series charts.

Looking forward to catching up with my stitching friends this Saturday afternoon xx


Marilyn said...

I DO hope Poppy returns.
Great progress on Dear Daughter, it's pretty.
Great stash!

gracie said...

Wonderful selection of charts...

Elizabeth said...

Dear Daughter is looking great Katrina. Enjoy the afternoon stitching with your friends

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear about Poppy in your earlier post. Hope she returns soon.

Can't believe Hannah is 8! Looks like she had a great birthday.

The Dear Daughter stitching is lovely. Great stash. I have 1 Blackbird Designs book and apart from there being charts, I thought it was lovingly put together with extra bits and pieces to read.

Angela said...

I'm so sorry to hear Poppy hasn't returned home yet. Love your stitching and great new stash too!

Rowyn said...

Beautiful stitching and new stash.

It is hard to believe Hannah is now 8. Time flies!

I'm so sorry to hear about Poppy. Crossing my fingers and toes that she will still turn up. I can imagine that she is very much missed.

Maggee said...

You will have Hannah's piece done in good time! Just ignore all those new charts in your stash! Hard to do, since they are all lovely! Hugs!

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