Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Busy Weekend

Before I do a recount of the recent weekend, I wanted to share some news about our kitty Poppy, who has been missing since Friday a week ago.  

I noticed about 8pm that she hadn't been inside to have anything to eat but I had seen her just on dark sitting on one of our deck chairs.  Sadly that was the last time we saw her, there's been no sign of her anywhere in the neighbourhood - we've done lots of checking our neighbours' gardens and sheds, and also checked up and down our street.  It's an absolute mystery as to where she may have gone as she wasn't a kitty to wonder off very far at all. I've been in touch with the local Vets and SPCA, and put a notice on the local radio station but there's been no response so far.

We're quite devastated about Poppy's disappearance - she's been part of our lives for nine years. In those years, she's given us lots of good times, funny times, and unconditional love. Hannah has grown up with her so they have been best buddies.

Needless to say we've had a sad few days, and the house seems so quiet without her around. The not knowing what has happened to her is so worrying for us, lots of tears have been shed and we're really hoping that she might just turn back up one day very soon. 


This weekend Hannah celebrated her 8th birthday - wow, where did those years go!!

Hannah had a lovely day and I was kept pretty busy with 13 girls in the house!  Some of her school friends and cousins came for lunch, followed by games and birthday cake. Lots of fun.

On Sunday Hannah's youngest cousin turned five and we visited for morning tea and birthday cake.  My niece is so excited to be starting school this week.

It was also Mother's Day here on Sunday so I got treated out to dinner on Sunday night - my idea of bliss not having to cook dinner lol.

Back soon with some knitting and crochet finishes xx


Vickie said...

So lovely to see such pretty pictures of you all.
I am praying for your little Poppy's safe return Katrina.

LDR said...

So sorry to hear that your cat went missing -- hope she returns safely. Your daughter's polka dot bday cake is marvelous!

Elizabeth said...

So sorry to hear about Poppy, but pleased though that you have had some happy celebrations goung on in your lives as well.

Marilyn said...

I hope Poppy returns to you.
Happy belated B-Day to Hannah!!
It looks like you had some fun times over the weekend.

Jeanne said...

Happy birthday to dear Hannah - so sorry to hear about Poppy, maybe he'll turn up yet. It's awful losing a dear pet.

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I'm so sorry about Poppy, Katrina. I hope she will turn up.
Hannah is adorable and the pic of you and her together is just beautiful! She looks like you, I think. Definitely has the same smile.
Glad you had a happy mother's day.

Vicky R said...

Sorry to hear about Poppy, our old dog wandered off last Saturday night and hasn't been seen since :(

Tricia B said...

I am SO sorry about Poppy! It is devastating to lose a pet at any time but even worse, I think, when it is unexpected. Will be thinking of you.

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