Thursday, July 09, 2015


It's the school holidays here now for the next two weeks and that means things around here have quietened down. The last few weeks of the term seemed to really drag, especially since its now mid winter and it's been pretty cold around here.  Hannah is spending most of these holidays with various family members during the day while DH and I are at work, but that's ok because later in the month we're off on our family holiday to Australia, and we're all every excited how fast its coming around! I'm just hoping its nice and sunny, ha ha.

So last week Whittakers released some new chocolate and Griffins some new biscuits, in conjunction with Tip Top's Jelly Tip, an iconic flavoured kiwi ice cream. Of course we had to try them out and just as well we did as I think they're nearly sold out!

During the last week of the term Hannah had her linking up ceremony to Brownies, moving up from Pippins. She was a bit sad to say goodbye to her friends at Pippins but is very excited to be joining in on the fun at Brownies!

Two books came in for me at the local library - not sure which of these I'll start first.

Lots of baking done last Sunday to stock up for the school holidays.

Chocolate weetbix and sultana slice, recipe found here.

White chocolate blondie slice, recipe found here.

And this is the recipe I use for muffins. These ones have banana and chocolate chips, and raspberries and white chocolate.

It's been pretty cold and icy here this week, no snow but it's very close to our town and on my way to work this morning it was actually snowing, something we rarely see here. It did only last five minutes lol.

See you soon xx

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Maggee said...

I know you would rather be having sunny, warm weather right now, but reading about your cooler weather helps me to cool down! It is such high humidity here, and in the 90's this week, so -- not so nice! All your cooking pictures made me hungry! Thanks for sharing!

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