Wednesday, January 16, 2013

By The Sea

 Hello friends

Whoops, I was away from here a bit longer that I had intended - we've been having the hottest weather here and its been far too hot and sticky to sit in my little office at the computer, instead we've been spending a lot of time cooling down in the pool :)

This week I started back at work after my annual leave, I can't believe how fast the time went!  What a wonderful few weeks it was, and to finish off the holidays last week Hannah and I spent a few days in Napier with Mum and Zoe.

Napier is one of my most favourite places to visit and although it's only an hour's drive from home, you feel like you're a million miles away and nothing beats Napier on a fine day, beside the sea.

We had so much fun, much of it was spent on the beach, at the park, shopping and we also spent an afternoon at Ocean Spa and the National Aquarium.  It was so, so wonderful :)

Here's a few pics of our time away:

The view outside our hotel looking along Marine Parade

Our hotel

At Ocean Spa

Marine Parade

By the Soundshell, Marine Parade

At the Aquarium

 Ahuriri Park & Beach

I have been stitching over my break so I'll be back soon with an update.

See you soon,

Katrina xx


Elizabeth said...

Great photos Katrina. Certainly looks like you had a wonderful time. It has been a number of years since we were in Napier. We must visit oneday - we have decided not to go away on holiday this year, but, plan to do day trips, one been to a fabulous quilt shop in the country just out of Whangarei called The Country Yard, a gorgeous shop and lovely owner and staff, beautiful grounds which they open for Weddings/wedding photos.

Sharon said...

What beautiful photo's Katrina! Looks like lots of fun.

Lesleyanne said...

Gorgeous photos. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Its snowing here so its lovely to see blue skies and the sea.

Maggee said...

It is so strange to read and see that you are in summer! Boggles the mind sometimes! What a lovely lovely place! Annual leave? Does everyone go on leave at the same time there, or is it that you only take leave once a year? Inquiring mind here... Hugs!

Vickie said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. Love the pictures. So happy and fun.

Jennifer said...

Welcome home! Your photos are gorgeous - such vibrant colours - I can almost imagine myself being there after seeing them! Thanks for sharing :o)
Jennifer x

Robin said...

What a beautiful place. No wonder you enjoy being there. What a lovely retreat for you.

Rowyn said...

Beautiful photos, looks like you got fantastic weather. Napier is a great place for a holiday!

Suzanne said...

What beautiful weather you had on your holiday. Thanks for sharing all these great photos!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful spot! It looks like you had the place to yourselves too. Glad to see you had a great time!
At this point in time I could sure ue a beach day. It's freezing here.

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