Thursday, December 09, 2010

Fa La La Christmas Decorating time

The Christmas fairies - aka Miss H and I, lol have been getting our lounge all decorated and festive looking this week. Because we're in the midst of having alterations made to our living area done, and have been all year!!, I decided not to go all out with our decorations this time and went with displaying some of our favourites.

So here you go, please enjoy some of my special Christmas treasures.

A Christmas doll made by Kath
Evergreen by Blackbird Designs

Two special angels, the smaller one given to me by Kath

Our Nativity scene, a gift from my parents the Christmas I was pregnant with Hannah

Shepherds Bush ornament

A cheeky elf

who is sitting under our tree alongside an embroidered bear made by my Mum, and our Christmas tree skirt

The angel on top of our tree made by a friend many years ago

another handmade angel I made several years ago

couldn't resist these cuties

the little Christmas tree that displays some of my Mill Hill beaded ornaments

two "wobbly" Santas as I call them, hee hee

a ceramic ornament that is one of my most treasured ornaments

The first ever stitched ornament I was given by Kath

I thought I had some photos of our tree but they are not decent enough to share, too blurry, lol. I'll have to take some more later.
Be back soon!


Kath said...

Gee there is alot there that bring back memories. Fantastic!

Meadows08 said...

Katrina thank you for sharing your lovely decorations! I love opening up the Christmas boxes every year with the kids and saying "Oh! Remember this one..." I love the memories associated with each and every ornament.

Lynn said...

I really enjoyed seeing all of your Christmas treasures. I really like the angel that you made. She's adorable! I've spent all of last evening bringing out all of our special decorations. At times it's a little melancholy since I no longer have the boys at home to help me. Thank you for sharing your special treasures with us!

Lisa said...

You have some gorgeous christmas decorations, I bet your house looks just wonderful.

Cathy B said...

You're all decked out for Christmas! Enjoy the holidays...

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