Thursday, December 21, 2006

Let the holidays begin

My annual holidays officially started at yesterday at lunchtime and I'm now on holiday until the 15th January!! It hasn't really sunk in yet, as its been rather hectic this week, trying to finish last minute reports at work and getting ready for a staff/client Christmas party yesterday morning. We had so much fun though,there was a Guess the Christmas carol quiz, and presents and of course, strawberry and cream cupcakes, and pavlova -yum! It was so wonderful to see all my clients enjoying themselves before they went off on their 3 week break. I then went out to lunch with my co-workers Wendy and Elsie, a lovely way to start the holidays.

Thanks so much for all the comments left on my previous post - I appreciate every single one.

Its a good day to be inside stitching today, wet and cold, its been raining on and off again since Sunday. Fingers crossed the weather improves for the weekend and Christmas Day :) I'm off later to get my hair cut and coloured and then will be going out to dinner tonight with some friends I used to work with. Glenn finishes work at lunchtime to start his holiday break so no doubt the guys will celebrate with a few beers this afternoon :)

This week I finished off the last of the finishing I wanted to do for the year:

The Christmas Elf Fairy by Mirabilia, made into a flat fold

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another bag, this one is for my friend Gail's daughter for Christmas. Georgia loves shoes so when I found this flip flop fabric, or jandals as we call them here in NZ, I thought it would be perfect for her.

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This Shepherds Bush stocking is for my niece Zoe,

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and from the recent SAL with Karen, Indigo Rose's Peekaboo Pincushion

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I thought I had a photo of the inside but can't off uploaded it to Photobucket. This was such a pleasure to stitch and make up.

Righto, I'm now to stitch for a bit, I've been making great progress on Leporello this week, Parts 5 &6 are completely done and I'm almost there with Part 7 too, its taking awhile as its a piece of quite dense stitching.

Take care :)


Karin said...

Enjoy your time off! The beginning of January is always madness for us, and I'd give anything to be off until the 15th.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks just fantastic! I love your idea of finishing your Christmas Fairy into a flat fold. You did an amazing job on both that and your stocking:)

Carol said...

Beautiful finishes, as always! Too many to comment on each - adore the Christmas Elf Fairy and the Indigo Rose needlebook! Pretty stocking too! Congrats on your big vacation! Mine starts after work tomorrow, but I will be going back on January 2nd!!

KarenV said...

Lovely finishes Katrina! Your pincushion looks wonderful - wasn't it fun to do?! :)

I must get around to some finishing this holiday - only 2 people to teach today and then I'm done until 5th January :D Enjoy your long holiday - hope you get lots of stitching time. Merry Christmas!

Isabelle said...

Glad to hear you're finally on holiday Katrina!! You deserve it :)
Your finishes are just stunning! You always accomplish so much - what shall it be now you're on holiday!!

Getting a bit worried over the package I sent you 2 weeks ago... Hope you'll get it soon!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful finishes. The stocking is amazing! I've been wanting to check those SB designs out for my own girls.

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous finishing. I really like the Christmas elf being done as a flat fold-neat idea! Hope you have a wonderful holiday-sounds like you are off to a fab start!

Anonymous said...

Your finishing looks superb as usual. The Christmas fairy flat-fold and the stocking are just gorgeous.

Last day for me tomorrow, probably only a half day though. YES!! Then it's back to work Jan 2nd. BOO!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Susimac said...

Oh don't they all look wonderful, I love you fairy flatfold and your stocking and..... LOL!!

Anonymous said...

They all look gorgeous Katrina but I really, really like the way you've finished the Christmas fairy! What a good idea :)
Have a great holiday!

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your finishes are so gorgeous Katrina and there are so many of them. Christmas fairy will be such a wonderful addition to your holiday decorations.
Jandals is a great name for flip-flops!!!! Sounds much more exotic don't you think?
Have a wonderful vacation and a perfect Christmas.

stitcherw said...

Have a wonderful break. Mine starts tomorrow after work and then I'm off until the 2nd. You got a lot of great finishing done. I love the Christmas Elf Fairy, very cute and the reds are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Tag... you're it... there's a meme going around and I'm tagging you List 5 things we don't likely know about you (see my blog)

Anonymous said...

Your christmas fairy is so pretty. I may take mine out and
stitch it for next year. Great finishing. Your other 2 pieces
are great. Merry christmas and have a great 3 weeks break.

lena-lou said...

Gorgeous finishes but that fairy looks fab, brilliant finishing idea :-))

Enjoy your holidays!!

Arthemise said...

Wow, you've been busy! I especially love what you did with your fairy. I need to try making a flat fold very soon.

Anonymous said...

Fabulous finishes, Katrina!! I love the bag.

Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous finishes! I love that you did the fairy as a flatfold - she's perfect! Congratulations!

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