Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Whew... its hot!

I'm feeling a bit drained this afternoon, we've had a very hot day here, it was 31 degrees C at 9.30am this morning and hasn't dropped at all this afternoon. I was out and about in town at lunchtime and boy, was there some heat to the sun. You've got to wonder whats going on with our crazy weather as it was only a few days ago we had the fire going!

Thanks for all the lovely comments about the St Nick Roll, as always they are greatly appreciated :)

Because I don't have any stitching pics to share today, I thought I'd share a few of my flash new laundry units and benches. You may recall that Glenn's winter project was to completely finish off our 2nd bathroom? Its all done and now we're waiting for my Dad to come and do the wallpapering, very handy to have a painter/wallpaperer in the family, lol. So in the meantime, Glenn, who always has to have some DIY project on the go, has decided to redo our laundry. Last weekend he stripped off the wallpaper and over the weekend he fitted the new units. Its also very handy to have DH who's a joiner, lol. The great thing is I've got some more storage space, always comes in handy, and I'm sure the new drawers and cupboards will be filled up in no time flat, lol.

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Hope your week is going well so far, happy stitching


Carol said...

Congrats to you!

It's mild here too...but wet, wet, wet LOL

Rowyn said...

Wow, 31 degrees at 9.30am? It's raining here in Wellington, and really windy. Crazy. The new laundry looks like it's coming along great.

bunnyhead said...

Lovely cabinets! You have quite a handy family :)

Anonymous said...

It's stunning to think that you already have such a heat in spring already. Here in France we get accustomed to Fall! Yet we had an hotter summer than never.
I just discovered your site, and I'm so glad to find a NZ stitcher. Last saturday the All Blacks were terrific against our national rugby team (47 / 3)!
If you enjoy to learn to know about a French cross stitcher and about my area, you're welcome on my site http://bibleenbroderie.com
My site is written both in English and French.
I'll come back to see you soon.

Stitch or no stitch said...

I know exactly how you feel when the summer heat sets in. Here in Las Vegas half the year is so hot we hate to go outside. Lovely weather now though.
Cabinets look great. So good to have a handy family.

Kath said...

They will come in handy there Katrina. Dying to see the new bathroom done too.

Alison said...

You're probably getting our weather cos we had a couple of scorchers last week. Thursday we're expecting snow on the mountains & 17 here in Sydney. No doubt you'll get that next week.

stitcherw said...

Cold and rainy here, I wish we could have a bit of warmth. However, as we are going into winter I don't think we'll see that for quite a while.

Cabinets look great, all that new cupboard space and drawers will be wonderful. Can't have to many storage spots. :)

Cathy said...

Isn't it nice to have things fresh and new? Looks like a place that you'd almost look forward to doing laundry in. (Did I say that???)

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

How nice to have such skills in the family! :) Your new projects are looking great!

AnneS said...

Awesome looking laundry - love all that storage space! :D Hope the weather sorts itself out soon - ours has been totally retarded too ... electric blankets on one minute, fans on the next, now back to the electric blankets again ;)

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