Monday, November 06, 2006

The Weekend

Gosh, you all know how to make a girl blush don't you -thank you all so much for the fabulous comments left about my finishing :) I was just thrilled to read them all, especially to see some new stitching friends leaving messages. So a huge thanks!

Now to answer a few questions: Anne, I have just sent the Violets and Lace Sampler away to my friend to be framed in time for my Mum for Christmas. I had thought about making it into a bell pull but when I couldn't find any suitable hangers, framing it is then :) And QuiltorStitch, you can find a tutorial here for a no sew flatfold finish. It has some great step by step photos to follow :)

Last week it was a friend's 60th birthday so on Saturday Mum, my MIL, Zoe, and myself took our friend Carol to one of the local tearooms to have afternoon tea together amongst the beautiful garden setting.

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Carol and I

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Heather, Carol and Mum

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some of the gorgeous roses

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I also spent a few hours with my friend Ally so we could both start our first block of Leanne's House quilt. We got 2 mini blocks done, only an applique heart to go on one and some embroidery on the other, and of course lots of talking! I had a lovely time with Ally, I think her DH was actually wondering if we were actually doing any sewing, lol.

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It was interesting to see that even though we both opted for the pattern and fabric option when we signed up for the block of the month, we've got completely different fabrics to use :) I have now got some "homework" to do before Ally and I get together again in a few weekends time.

I didn't get as much stitching done over the weekend like I had planned too but I have finished another ornament and a small Brittercup Designs freebie, two more of the "to do before Christmas list". This list is getting slowly getting smaller, lol.

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Merry Yule - Erica Michaels JCS 2005

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Portrait of a Cat- Brittercup Designs

I won't be around much now until later in the week as I'm heading out of town for a few days with my staff and some of our clients. Its the needleroll stitchalong next weekend so if anyone would like to join in this month, please let me know and I'll post a list of everyone's names later in the week.

Take care, and as always, happy stitching :)


stitcherw said...

The flowers look beautiful, so bright and cheery. It's getting to be to cold here lately for us to have very many flowers left anywhere to see. Also, congrats on the finishes. Hmmm Portrait of a Cat looks a little familiar, LOL. It was a fun one wasn't it.

tkdchick said...

wow Katrina I'm just amazed at how much you manage to get stitched and finished!

Karoline said...

A couple of cute finishes, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the quilt.

Wendy said...

Lovely pics of your lunch get-together! And I really like the Leanne's quilt you are working on. I think its great to combine quilting with other forms of stitching.

Carol said...

It looks like you had such a nice lunch/tea with Carol and your mums :-) Great photos! You deserve all those kudos for your finishing and your stitching! Congrats on knocking two more off your Xmas list!!!! Have a good trip this week! I can't wait to see your V&L Sampler framed - it will be a while before I muster up funds to frame mine.

andrea said...

Great photos Katrina.

I'll join you for the NR SAL but I think it may be my last one, I may do the odd one next year. It has been great fun and really boosted my collection. Anyway 'Snow Fall Roll' by Shepherds Bush is my choice this time.

Take care. x

Sylvie said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing

Nicki said...

OOoh! Lovely start on the quilt. I must get mine out - I nearly did some on Sunday :)

quiltorstitch said...
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quiltorstitch said...

Thank you SO much for the tutorial on the flat folds, that is very helpful :) I can’t wait to try one of those. Your directions were great.

The rose photos are beautiful. I live up in Portland, Oregon and we have a Rose Test Garden here, and it has thousands of roses to look through, that is one of my most favorite places to visit.

quiltorstitch said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
AnneS said...

It's so lovely to see photos of you and your Mum - especially more so now I've met you both (give your Mum a hug from me). Your latest finishes are great ... funnily enough I'm just about to stitch Merry Yule too :) Count me in for the SAL - unsure yet whether I'll stitch a hardanger freebie on the Classic Stitches site, or Summer Solstice by Eventide ... oh well, I have a couple of days to decide ;) Look forward to seeing V&L all framed up :D

Bea said...

Katrina, you always stitch something that is my to do list. I love that Erica Michaels ornament!
And I would like to sew that Leanne's House quilt, your blocks are lovely. Can't wait to see other progresses!

bunnyhead said...

Wow! Your finishes are so pretty! And the ones from your previous posts are fantastic. I love that ribbon edging you did!

Cathy said...

Congrats on your ornament finishes. You also did a great job on your flat folds - I have to try this sometime!

mj said...

Love the roses, esp. the`s one of my favs...mj

Gail said...

Your finishes look great Katrina. Count me in for the SAL this weekend. I'll be stithing Victorian Floral Needleroll by The Sweetheart Tree.

Yuko said...

Recently I have just started cross stitch and patchwork!
Photos are so beautiful, just everythings are!!
Leanne's quilt is lovely, isn't it?
I would like to try it too, when I get to have time!
I'm looking forward you posting!
Thanks for sharing!

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