Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Recent Finishes

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment over the past few days, as always, its really great to hear from you :)

I haven't had a lot of time for blogging or reading the boards this week, its been a crazy hectic few days at work - one full time staff member, one part timer and one of our volunteers have been struck down with tummy bugs and flus that seem to be doing the rounds at the moment meaning the rest of us feel like we've been going around in circles, or nowhere fast as I like to say, trying to get organised for our first ever overnighter trip with our clients next week, as well as run the usual day programme. Roll on Friday is all I can say, lol.

But the good thing is I've had plenty of time for stitching. My niece came to stay with us over the weekend so rather than stitch on anything too complicated, as Zoe likes to help me make the stitches, I started and finished Flowers by Heart in Hand. This is going to be a birthday gift for a very dear friend.

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Flowers - Heart in Hand, stitched on 32ct summer khaki belfast using Weeks and GAST threads.

Next up is the Violets and Lace Sampler, which I finished on Sunday night,from a stitchalong during October with Carol.

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Violets and Lace Sampler - Earth Threads, stitched on 32ct olive green belfast using DMC thread and Caron Waterlillies.

I've been trying to fit in as many ornaments that I can over the past few weeks so here are a few recent ones

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Sign of Peace - Erica Michaels

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Star Topiary -Hillside Samplings

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and Noel- Glory Bee.

Hope your week is going well, take care :)


Meari said...

Flowers turned out cute. Your niece is a good stitcher... I mean helper! :)

Anonymous said...

Ohh, everything looks wonderful. I love the butterfly button on the flowers piece:)

Goldie said...

Lots of gorgeous finishes! Can't beat that quality stitching time! Everything looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful finishes, Katrina!
Is the Erica Michael's Dove in one of the JCS ornie mags I don't remember seeing it before...

Anna van Schurman said...

Love all your small finishes. So pretty! I especially love the Heart in Hand.

Carol said...

What great finishes :-) I look forward to seeing how you finish off the ornaments! And, your Violet and Lace Sampler is lovely :-)

Stitch or no stitch said...

Lovely finishes Katrina. The butterfly is such a pretty touch on your flower piece.
Wonderful how in your part of the world you're stitching for spring & Christmas at the same time.

Lisa said...

I love the butterfly button. Although I don't know what I would ever use it on, it is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations on all the finishes!

Cathy said...

Wow, you have been a busy stitcher. You'll have a lot of finishing to do - but what wonderful ornaments!

Anita said...

You did such a great job at finishings and my finishing work
just piles up higher. I like the
flower piece a lot and great ornament selection.

AnneS said...

I forgot to say I love your V&L sampler finish too :) Are you going to have it framed or turn it into a bellpull?

tkdchick said...

Wow Katrina you've been a busy stitcher everything looks wonderful!!!!

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