Monday, October 09, 2006

Friendship Quilt Block and SAL Progress

Thanks to everyone who left a comment about the wedding sampler - now I've seen a photo of it, I can't wait to see it "in person" which will hopefully be next weekend.

The last few days have been very stitchey indeed. I've stitched up a small Just Nan design, Have a Heart, which is now to be sent to Misty in the US for her friendship quilt. I think the fabric is a Sugar Maple fabric.

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The design is supposed to have gold and blue beads but Misty asked us to not to put on any embellishments incase her cat decided to try and eat them!

And here's my Violet and Lace Sampler progress, please excuse the wrinkles in the fabric :)

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Carol,I'm already looking forward to this week's SAL night :)

On Saturday afternoon I managed to get quite a bit of finishing done- last month's needleroll, the ring pillow, SBEBB Smalls and Quaker exchange, and a small ornament. I'll be back tomorrow with photos as I've borrowed the camera from work to take a few pics.

So for the next few days or so I'll be stitching on Christmas ornaments, trying to get caught up with the Kiwi ornie SAL as well as getting ready for some exchanges. I had a lot of fun on Friday night browsing through all my JCS ornie issues sorting out what to stitch.

Bye for now!


Anonymous said...

Love what you chose for Misty's Quilt! It's lovely!

That Violet and Lace Sampler is just gorgeous - love that last row with the verigated colour.

AnneS said...

Your JN heart is really cute - and I love the V&L sampler you're stitching with Carol, very pretty :D Your wedding sampler looks incredible framed too ... just gorgeous! :D

Anonymous said...

That is such a pretty sampler. I haven't seen anything by that designer except in JCS ornament magazines.

Carol said...

Nice to see your V&L WIP - it will be finished so soon!!

Love the little heart - what is the quilt for? I don't quite follow the idea of a cat eating things off of a quilt...??

Anonymous said...

The heart is very cute and the V&L sampler is very pretty :o)

Isabelle said...

Lovely stitching as usual, Katrina! :)

Stitch or no stitch said...

Your framed wedding sampler looks stunning.
Love the pretty heart for Misty's sampler.

Karoline said...

Misty's heart is lovely Katrina. I really like the Violets and Lace sampler, I haven't seen before you Carol started your SAL

Karin said...

Misty's heart looks fantastic! I can't wait to see her quilt, as what I have seen around is looking wonderful.

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