Thursday, October 26, 2006

Exchanges Galore

Its been a busy few days this week playing catching up at work -its great to have time off for public holidays but you still have to fit everything in :) Then yesterday I was out of town for the day attending a regional Disability Services Provider meeting. The two good things about that was not only did I get to drop by a favourite LNS of mine but I also got to top by and see my dear friend J who's recently had a major operation and is now on the mend :)

On Tuesday I received a wonderful parcel from Andrea. Andrea had my name for the SBEBB Autumn exchange. Andrea stitched a needleroll using a Heart In Hand pattern(which I'd only just recently been eyeing on on their website). Andrea told me in her card, how could she NOT stitch a needleroll for me, lol.

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stitched and finished just fabulously.

Andrea totally spoilt me by sending some other cool treats - a chart, some neat kitty fabric, buttons, ribbon, a notebook and a little book on Hugs. Thanks so much Andrea, I love everything! And it was also really nice of you to include an anniversary card for Glenn and I :)

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Cathy emailed me to say the autumn exchange I'd put together for her had arrived. This is San Man Originals Sharing the Letter freebie, a freebie I'd been wanting to stitch for awhile now, and finished into a pinkeep. For some reason I can't get the my pic to upload right now but you can see it here on Cathy's blog

and my SBEBB Quaker exchange has also now arrived safely to Elisabeth in France

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I stitched the Workbasket's May freebie finished into a notepad holder. I found the limited edition Tim Tam's while I was in Australia so couldn't resist sending some to Elisabeth as well.

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whew, thats alot of photos for today :) I've got some to share from our friends wedding but will leave them now for tomorrow.

Enjoy your day!


Kath said...

Wow there, some lovely exchanges. And those pink Tim Tams, aren't they just the cutest wee things.

Love it all.

bunnyhead said...

What beautiful exchanges! I'm going to have to do some research to see what exactly a Tim Tam is! lol.

Karoline said...

Gorgeous exchanges, congratulations

andrea said...

A multitude of exchanges. Enjoy!

Take care. x

Isabelle said...

Lovely exchanges, Katrina! :)

Stitch or no stitch said...

Beautiful exchanges Katrina. Aren't we stitchers lucky to have so many wonderful & talented friends!!

Nicki said...

What a gorgeous needleroll! How many do you have now? I'd love to see them all together :)

Love your exchange for Elisabeth - it's beautiful. And PINK timtams! How fantastic. Why don't we get them here? LOL!

Michelle said...

What gorgeous exchanges! Love that needleroll you received, no wonder you've been eyeing the design.

Anonymous said...

You've some lovely exchanges there :)

Those pink Tim Tams look deliciously yummy!! We get a couple of the different varieties of Tim Tams here but I bet we won't see the pink ones :(

Meari said...

Lovely exchanges!

tkdchick said...

Wow Katrina, you're in a lot of wonderful exchanges I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

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