Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Midweek Update

Middle of the week again already :) All day I've been thinking to myself that its Tuesday, guess thats what happens when you have a day off from work on Monday and still have to fit all of Monday's work in somewhere on Tuesday or Wednesday, lol.

Glenn and I had a really relaxing Queen's birthday weekend. Glenn was able to get some landscaping type of work done at our house section on Saturday and Monday as even though it was bitterly cold the sun was out. Sunday we had terrible weather, downpours on and off again all day, then the wind got up late Sunday night, so Sunday was a good day for watching dvds, making pumpkin soup, and lots and lots of stitching. Of course, it was me stitching, not Glenn, lol. Over the weekend I was able to finish off one or two secret projects, and another exchange piece, which isn't due to next month. Then on Sunday I chose the Christmas Blessing Angel to make a start on. This is about 8 hours worth of stitching:

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On Monday evening out came Titania, and here's my progress so far:

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I was only going to start these two over the weekend and then get back to some of my other Wips, especially the Stitching Leporello, but I just can't seem to put Titania down,lol. I knew this was going to happen as I've been wanting to stitch her for a few years now using all the lovely shades of pink and purple threads. So what I've done is spent a little bit of time setting up a new rotation schedule, ensuring that I'll get a "Titania" fix every 2nd week:) The new plan is to alternate between Titania and Christmas Blessing Angel Mon-Wed each week, work on Stitching Leporello on Thursdays (until the needlepoint silks arrive for An Open Heart) and Friday thru Sunday will be spent on exchanges, smaller Wips, the needleroll SAL, ornaments, etc. I've got a couple of SAL's coming up which I'll squeeze in there somewhere too.

We've had a couple of boomer frosts in the mornings here this week, and this morning the playfield of the school next to where I work was completely white. And there were kids out playing on it, brrrrrr. At least we get a stunning day after, once it warms up... slightly.

Only a few more days now until Glenn and I head off to spend the weekend with Kath, her DH Kevin, and daughter Anna. I've already got a big bag packed of stitching projects and newly acquired stash to show Kath, lol. I also hope to see two of my other kiwi stitching buddies, Lisa and Pat, for a stitch and natter.

Today I received a surprise photo by email from a very dear friend of mine, Petra, who lives in Sweden. Petra came out to New Zealand to stay with me nearly three years ago now and while she was here, she admired my Mirabilia Waiting for Ships cross stitch. Petra is not a stitcher herself so I just knew that I'd have to stitch her a mermaid some time. Last year I chose to stitch the Emerald Mermaid to send to Petra for Christmas and she was absolutely wrapped with it. Unfortunately, I was unable to have it framed because of it having to travel all the way to Sweden but my surprise for today was that Petra has had her framed :)

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what a great choice she made :)

Thanks too for the comments about Ladybug's Lament, they are really appreciated, as always.
Take care, and have a happy day!


Isabelle said...

Katrina, those are great new starts! I can understand why you can't put Titania down - such a beautiful design and such lovely colours!

Lisa said...

I like the colors in your new pieces. The piece Petra had framed is gorgeous.

Nicki said...

Two wonderful starts there! I love the colours on the Christmas angel ;)

Von said...

Katrina, what is a boomer frost?
How wonderful that Petra has framed your gorgeous gift! I know she will think of you fondly whenever she sees it. :D

Cathy said...

That was a really nice gift for your friend Petra. Her choice of frame compliments the design nicely!

Litla Skvís said...

I haven't read blogs in such a long time that I thought I was at some random blog when I visited your site! I love the layout you have for your site now! It is gorgeous.

Great new starts. And the Mermaid is gorgeous! No wonder your friend loves it so much!

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness, what gorgeous starts! And I love those colors!!

Stitch said...

Hi Katrina! Nice to meet you! :) You have some lovely starts there! Such bright and vibrant colors! *Bravo* However, I am truly struck by your blog. What a beautiful layout!!! :) I will definately be coming back...

Have a great day!

Emma said...

Hi Katrina, I followed a link from Lisa at Groggy Froggy to your blog. Your stitching is beautiful, and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing it :)

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