Saturday, April 08, 2006

Goals and things

Firstly, a big thank you for all the wonderful comments about the needlerolls. They are quite addictive, obviously, lol. And a big hello to those of you whom are going to join in on the SAL. I hope to start on the Sweetheart Tree Blueberry roll sometime a bit later today.

now its time for a progress report from March. For March my goals were to:
1. stitch a needleroll for a friend's birthday in April - yes, Wildflowers Roll by the Sweetheart Tree
2. ornie SAL with the kiwi ladies - yes, Britty Kitty ornie
3. continue on with the Mermaids - yes
4. gift for friend's birthday - yes, Be Happy by Shepherds Bush
5. a "just because" gift for a friend - yes, Sweetheart Tree's Friendship
6. make a start on the 12 Blessings of Christmas - no, not yet
7. Drawn Thread Thursday's - yes
8. Shepherds Bush Sunday's - Wandering Shepherd - yes, started.
9. freebie for Needle and Thread board stitchalong - yes, stitched two.

My finishes for March:
Spot of Summer - Drawn Thread
Britty Kitty - Brittercup Designs
Be Happy - Shepherds Bush
Birth Sampler Bless - Sisters and Best Friends
Friendship - the Sweetheart Tree
Merry Yule - Glory Bee
Wildflowers needleroll - Sweetheart Tree
Grateful Hearts - 4 My Boys
Never Enough Stash - 4 My Boys

New starts:
Wandering Shepherd - Shepherds Bush
Welcome Spot - Drawn Thread

so for April my goals will be:

1. continue Drawn Thread SAL with Von, Kath and Cathy
2. Kiwi ornie SAL
3. Eight Sided pin cushion exchange for SBEBB
4. Finish the Mermaids
5. Friendship exchange for SBEBB
6. Ornie for Kath -April exchange
7. Needle and Thread BB freebie SAL
8. Needleroll SAL - Blueberry Roll
9. a small baby sampler for a cousin's new baby.

I'd also like to do a bit of "finishing" since our annual cross stitch exhibition is in early May.

Enjoy your weekend :)


StitchCat said...

I could learn a thing or two from you Katrina...if I was more organised, I too, could complete things :)

Lisa said...

I started stitching on my needleroll tonight. Whew. I have never stitched on jobelin before. It's so tiny. lol I feel like an old woman. I have started a stitching blog of my very own so that I don't have to gum up your comment board with my progress. It's @
Lisa are a wonder. I can't imagine getting through that many finishes.

StitchCat said...

Katrina...I forgot to add...could you put a list on your blog of the people who have joined in the Needleroll SAL, so I can keep up with their progress. (just so I can make a note of the links) I am stitching Violet Roll by Shepherds Bush for the record. Yes thats right I'm in. LOL

Cathy said...

You made great progress on your stitching in March. Great job!

Von said...

Well done, Katrina! Can't wait to see all your April progress. :D

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Katrina!

Stitchie Kiwi said...

Loved your needle-rolls Katrina - you and Kath have quite an addiction! LOL

You've certainly been a stitching machine the last month - really nice finishes too :)

KarenV said...

Looks like you had a very productive March Katrina - good luck for your April goals.

Bea said...

Finally I can read some blogs and I'm seeing your needle rolls. They're really lovely, Katrina.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Katrina! I hope my gifts arrive soon :-) I think I am a day late here - I keep forgetting you are about a day ahead of me! Therefore, hope you had a great day!

AnneS said...

Katrina, just wondering whether you have the M Designs Sun Needleroll chart ... if not, do you want a copy? I ended up with two copies, so have one spare if you want it :) If so, just drop me a line at :D

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