Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Great Day!

I had a wonderful day yesterday because three special things happened - firstly, my niece Zoe turned 5 yrs old and had her first day at school. She looked gorgeous in her new school uniform - paint splotches and all! I was so proud of her, another stage in her life started.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket
Then yesterday morning I heard some lovely news from my cousin Odette - she's having another baby, and the due date is 22nd October, which is Glenn and mine's wedding anniversary. How wonderful. And while I'm on the subject of babies, my dear friend Rebecca had her baby in Sydney, at 10.40pm local time last night, a very healthy 9pd 14 oz baby girl, Emma Grace. I'm so thrilled for Bec and her husband Shaun, they must be over the moon with happiness. Tonight I will chart out all the detail's to finish Emma's baby sampler :)

Stitchingwise, this week I've been working on a couple of small projects that I have to keep secret just for now so no stitching pics to share today, sorry :)

and now I have a confession to make, ever since I finished Celtic Winter a few weeks ago I've been leaning towards starting another Lavender & Lace or Mirabilia, even though I should be focusing on finishing Mermaids of the Deep Blue. The contenders are Forest Goddess, Rose Celebration, Touching the Autumn Sky, Titania, Celtic Autumn, and while browsing through the Mirabilia BB the other day, I fell on love with a recently completed Lilly of the Woods. I've seen this many times and not been to fussed by it but for some reason, the other day I was completely taken with it - uummmmmm. Any one up for a SAL? lol.


bunnyhead said...

What a cutie your niece is! Lily is a gorgeous piece.

Carol said...

Happy Birthday Zoe!!! Congrats to your cousin and your friend too :-) I would do Forest Goddess with you if you choose that one :-)

Von said...

What a happy, sweet girl Zoe is!! They grow up fast!
Congrats to your friends on such a healthy, big baby girl! I had big babies myself. :D
It's sometimes so difficult to choose the next project. Guess the one that calls out the loudest wins!

Lee said...

Zoe is adorable! I'll bet she makes your day. Great photos!

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