Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February Round Up and March Goals

Its the first official day of autumn today here in kiwi-land & that was very evident this morning, dew on the lawns, it was quite dark at 6.30am and it was a tad chilly. Didn't stay like that for long though, it was 31 degree C at 3pm when I looked at the themometer at work!

anyways, on to reviewing February's stitching progress -

For February my goals were to:
1. Continue to alternate week about on the mermaids and celtic winter: yes, Celtic Winter finished 15/2
2. last JCS Retro Ornie RR: yes, Bent Creek Joy to the World 4/2
3. PS ornie for kiwi stitchers SAL: yes, Prairie Schooler Partridge and Pear
4. a freebie for Needle and Thread board freebie stitchalong:yes, Aegean Twilight Sampler 18/2
5. complete the baby sampler when my friend's new baby is born mid February: still waiting on the baby to arrive, any day now, lololol.
6. Paul and Jude's wedding sampler: no, got as far as kitting it up and decided that there was no way I would have it done and framed by the 18th March so have put it aside to stitch a bit later in the year
7. Complete the finishing on Forget me Nots set, and January ornaments: yes.
8. and lastly, the first ornament exchange of 2006 with Kath: yes

not bad, a very stitchey month indeed. There were a couple of additional happy dances - spring exchange piece and the Hearts Sampler. I squeezed in one last one for February yesterday, Elisabeth's Stocking - yup, thats right, its all done and I just need to sew on the little charms which I'll do over the next few nights.

Goals for March:
1. a needleroll for a friend's birthday in April
2. ornie SAL with the kiwi ladies
3. continue on with the Mermaids
4. gift for friend's birthday
5. a "just because" gift for a friend
6. make a start on the 12 Blessings of Christmas - Lizzie Kate which I'm intending to stitch all together on one piece of fabric using the free border.
7. Drawn Thread Thursday's - Spot of Summer, Welcome Spot, Spot of Spring
8. Shepherds Bush Sunday's - Wandering Shepherd
9. freebie for Needle and Thread board stitchalong

So March's rotation will look something like this:
Monday - Mermaids
Tuesday - "
Wednesday - "
Thursday - Drawn Thread SAL with Cathy
Friday & Saturday - ornaments, gifts, small projects
Sundays - Shepherd's Bush

Last night it was my local stitching group's gtg, we meet the last Tuesday evening and the second Sunday afternoon of each month. There were two new "faces" there last night, one of my co-workers who came along for the first time, and a lady I had meet in the lns just before Christmas last year and is new to our area. Yippee! I just love it when we get new people joining in and sharing our passion for stitching, lol. I've got to keep the 23rd of April free as we planned a stash shopping trip last night, the first one our group has done in ages.

Thanks everyone for the comments left on Monday's post - you are all awesome, and before I leave it here for today, I'd like to say a special hello to the new posters to my blog - nice to "meet" you :)


Cathy said...

Great job on your February stitching! And good news - I asked Von to join us on our Spot SAL - she is going to be working on Spot of Summer!

Sew-in-Love said...

Well done, Katrina!

Looking forward to seeing how well you get on in March.


KarenV said...

You did loads in February Katrina! Looking forward to seeing your March finishes and progresses :)

Heather said...

WOW all that stitching in February. I want to know who stole half the days from me!!! Sounds like you're going to have some fun with your shopping trip next month.

Von said...

Wow! Lots of stitching for you in Feb., Katrina!! Looking forward to Drawn Thread Wed/Thurs with you and Cathy. :D

zoeandcooper said...

Great job on your February goals. Hopefully March will be just as productive:)

AnneS said...

Wow, awesome goals for both February and March ... could you send some of that stitching inspiration across the ditch to me? ;P

tkdchick said...

Fantastic goals Katrina you got a lot done in February!!!

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