Sunday, February 05, 2006

Weekly Wips Update

ok folks, here's pics of my current wips as of Saturday afternoon, as well as the baby sampler. Its all done minus the name and birthdate which will be added a bit later this month, and the little charms to go on :)

Celtic Winter
Image hosting by Photobucket

Mermaids of the Deep Blue
Image hosting by Photobucket

Birth Sampler Bless
Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm really hoping for a finish on Celtic Winter this month - fingers crossed!


Carol said...

Everything looks great Katrina! I am working on the mermaids today, and I came across the symbol V in the lower fin between the two mermaids (the fin belongs to the mermaid on the right) - that would be DMC758, which does not look right... I went to the Mirabilia BB and someone else saw that too and used DMC932, which is symbol 2 - more congruent with the rest of the fin. I am going to do the same... just figured I would share - I think you are approaching that area now...

Heather said...

CW looks lovely. Your mermaids are stunning and the birth sampler is adorable.

tkdchick said...

You'll definately finish celtic winter this month!!!

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