Thursday, February 02, 2006

January Round Up and February Goals

During January :

1. I started The Mermaids of the Deep Blue
2. Continued to work on Celtic Winter
3. Stitched three Christmas ornaments
4. Started and almost finished Birth Sampler Bless
5. SAL-ed Indigo Rose's Forget Me Nots with Kath
6. Splurged and received some new stash!!
7. and decided on several projects for 2006.

I didn't set any particular goals since I was on holiday but I felt that I made some great progress on my current wips.

So for February my goals will be:
1. Continue to alternate week about on the mermaids and celtic winter (even finish her??) Monday thru Thursday, then Friday to Sunday each week will be for
2. last JCS Retro Ornie RR
3. PS ornie for kiwi stitchers SAL
4. a freebie for Needle and Thread board freebie stitchalong
5. complete the baby sampler when my friend's new baby is born mid February
6. Paul and Jude's wedding sampler - hope to start on this very soon
7. Complete the finishing on Forget me Nots set, and January ornaments.
8. and lastly, the first ornament exchange of 2006 with Kath.

This coming weekend is a long weekend here in New Zealand, its a public holiday on Monday, Waitangi Day, so fingers crossed some of those goals might be crossed off by Tuesday :)


KarenV said...

Looks like you're going to be busy this month Katrina ;) Good luck with your goals!

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

Congratulations on all of your January progress!

I have to ask... what is Waitangi Day?

Cathy said...

You made great progress in January. Way to go! Have a great holiday weekend!

Carol said...

You've had a very productive month Katrina!! Congratulations!

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