Thursday, January 19, 2006

Garden Exchange

Here are the lovely things Jenna sent me in the recent Garden Exchange on the Stitching Bloggers Exchange Board. You all probably know about my needleroll addiction, lol, so Jenna couldn't have picked a more perfect way to finish her choice, Just Nan's Tall Flowers. Thanks Jenna, it really made my day receiving these goodies.

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and a close up of the needleroll - I love the little charms on it!

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It was a good mail day on Tuesday as I also received some more stash, courtesy of Kath whom had ordered these lovely charts for me.
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Heirloom Christmas Sampler by Victoria Sampler, and Nature's Alphabet II by Elizabeth's Designs

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Mirabilia's Forest Goddess, and Passiono Ricarmo's A Christmas Spirit

Carol and I are intending to SAL together on Nature's Alphabet II a bit later in the year and at the moment she is also trying to tempt me to SAL on A Christmas Spirit!! I don't know if I can fit it in at the moment though, especially since I'm planning to start a baby sampler this weekend, Sister and Best friends' Birth Sampler Bless for my dear friend Rebecca and her husband Shaun whose baby is due in about five weeks.

I also really need to get a start on the wedding sampler for Paul and Jude, as their wedding is less than two months away now. I've chosen to stitch M Designs Celtic Heart and the letters J & P in DMC 779, a colour I think Jude will really like. I'm just having a bit of trouble on deciding what colour fabric to use. Might have to do some experimenting 0ver the weekend sometime and pull out some fabrics to look at. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.

Speaking of fabrics, I stopped by my LNS during my lunchbreak today and picked up two pieces of Belfast linen, Light Mocha and Antique White, and some 36ct Summer Khaki. Betty, the owner of the shop commented on how "snuffed up" I looked - I've been suffering from a bit of hayfever for a few weeks now, and she recommended I try some natural salts from our local health store. I stopped by there and picked some up and already have noticed a bit difference after only taking two doses. Might be onto something there as with the wind we've been having and it being so dry, I can't go anywhere without tissues at the moment, lol.


Von said...

Oh Katrina! What a glorious mail day you had, lol!! The VS Heirloom Christmas is so stunning when finished - I'll be watching for when you start! I've completed the backstitching of the tree and came to a grinding halt. Maybe I'll pick it up again in the fall :)

Cathy said...

You had a great mail day for sure! What a nice gift from Jenna!

Carol said...

Oh, your needleroll is lovely! Jenna is a wonderful stitcher (I adore the ornament she sent me) - very cool! Your stash is just gorgeous! Hey, no rush with A Christmas Spirit - I have little time for her too, but put her in here and there, so any time you want to join it, cool!!!!!!!

Oh, I do so wish my LNS was close enough to just pop over at lunchtime like you can :-) Mine is at least 30 minutes from my office.

Glad Betty's remedy is helping you! I may need that advice when summer arrives here :-)

Rowyn said...

What a fantastic mail day you had, the needleroll is really gorgeous. If the natural remedies cease to work for the hayfever I can highly recommend the nasal sprays you get at the chemist (such as Flixonase or Telfast). I used to suffer badly with it (the roof of my mouth and inner ears even itch), but since I discovered these sprays this time last year it is almost not like having it at all. Hope you're feeling less 'snuffed up' soon.

Juanita - aka flosslady said...

What a great mail day! I love the NR that Jenna sent. And you're right, those things are addictive. ;)

Kath said...

Gorgeous exchange piece and kudos to Jenna, she has made a wonderful job of it. I know that it has gone to a great home.

Hope the hayfever is under control and the new meds kick in fast for you.

tkdchick said...

You had some great mail days there!!!

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