Sunday, January 22, 2006

WIPs Update

Firstly, thank you to for your recent comments - it really makes my day!

On Thusday evening I finished my weekly rotation on the Mermaids so this coming week I'm back on Celtic Winter as my main focus piece during the week.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yesterday it was so hot later in the afternoon to be doing too much at all so I made a start on the baby announcement. After going through my fabrics I found a piece of Kiwi Illsions Blue Ice to stitch it on.

Image hosting by Photobucket

This is about the half way point. I'd like to have it all done pretty soon so that then I can add the baby's name and date in February. It has the cutest little charms to go onto it too.

I can also now share a pic of my last finish for 2005, the piece I stitched for Chelle in the Garden Exchange, Bashful Butterflies by the Sweetheart Tree. I found the fabric and shell buttons at my LNS and they matched perfectly with the linen - a piece of nameless Kiwi Illusions I had in my stash.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Today is our 3 month wedding anniversary - can you believe that, those three months have flown by! Tonight we're having fresh fish for dinner, caught by Glenn, as he went fishing at one of our local beaches on Saturday. Yum!


Von said...

Yay, Katrina! Lots of stitching progress :)
Your exchange piece is just yummy and I'm sure Chelle is going to love showing it off in her home.

Kath said...

Love the piece you stitched for Chelle. She will love it and the fabrics all look great. Love the baby sampler too.

YUM - fresh fish, sounds as if Glenn has had a great time out at the beach.

Carol said...

That's great progress on your mermaids, Katrina :-) I like the Garden Exchange piece you made for Chelle too - and that baby sampler is adorable! You have such great taste!

Happy 3 month anniversary to you!

Kathy said...

Wow you have done well on Mermaids.

Love the piece with the alphabet, it is really cute. Alos like the piece you stitched for Chelle,its georgeous, well done on your last HD of 2005.


zoeandcooper said...

All of your pieces look wonderful, Katrina. You are making amazing progress. Your exchange for Chelle is so beautiful. I am sure she loved it

Cathy said...

Your piece for Chelle is nicely stitched and wonderfully finished! That baby sampler is really cute too!

AnneS said...

Oh wow, your exchange piece for Chelle is absolutely stunning! You did a fantastic job of it all :) And your mermaids are looking great!

Stitchie Kiwi said...

They all look great, as usual! I love that baby sampler ... I don't know anyone having babies though! LOL ... love the mermaids too - gosh I really want to start mine.

Loved your new stash piccies too ... you lucky thing!

KarenV said...

You did a great job with Chelle's exchange - it's really pretty!

Your WIPs are looking good too - I love the soft colours of the baby sampler, they're gorgeous :)

Bea said...

Katrina, your finish for Chelle is lovely. The buttons and the fabric are perfect.
It must be great to eat fresh fish!

bunnyhead said...

The garden exchange piece is gorgeous. What a lovely finish. Popped by because Carol said you were stitching the S&BF Birth Sampler as well! Excellent progress :)

tkdchick said...

Katrina, your Mermaids are looking wonderful. That baby sampler is so colourful!

And yoru exchange piece is just beautiful!

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