Thursday, December 01, 2005

Not Much Going On

I thought it was time for a change of scenery on here so have decided to go with this blog style. I'd love to splashout and pay for a Design A Blog, which perhaps I might do in the new year after admiring several other blogger's new formats.

Not much to write about today as my week has been full of work, work and more work. Its a busy time at my work, a centre for people with disabilites -as we head towards Christmas our days are filled with lots of additional programmes and activities for our clients. Also, later next week I've got a meeting with an evaluator who has been contracted by our main funder. The purpose of this visit is to follow up the audit we had 18 months ago and see if their recommendations have been put into place and to see what new intiatives, etc we have undertaken since then. So its meant that I've spent an extra few hours this week ensuring that everything is up to date and in place. Then at home in evenings I've been doing monthly invoices for our business as well as some additional work for our accountant.

I have been busily stitching away too, mostly on small Christmas gifts so I can't share any pics just yet. 2006 is only just around the corner now so I've been thinking about my stitching goals for next year - its definately going to be the year of the stitching with everything I've got intended, not the year of the wedding like 2005 has been, lol.

Speaking of our wedding, the Thank You notelets I ordered through my aunt's bookstore have arrived so yay, I can get onto our thank you cards early next week.

This weekend Glenn and I are off to Taupo with several of our friends for our annual end-of-the year weekend away. We stay at a holiday house belonging to the parents of one of the guy's. We head up on Friday afternoon and get back usually late Sunday afternoon. This year the men are intending to play golf on Saturday afternoon so I'm hoping us ladies will be able to do a spot of shopping, I really need to some Christmas present shopping :)

Can you believe that its the 1st December already?!!?

edited to add: thanks everyone for your comments on In the Garden of my heart - they really mean a lot to me. I spotted the perfect frame in the window of one of the shops in town which I think will work really well so I have to take the piece in to see if it suits next week sometime.


Danielle said...

Hi Katrina,
You new blog "look" is really nice!! It looks as though you have been very busy--lots of lovely new finishes!! I can't beleive it is Dec now, either--ugh--too much to do!!--Danielle

Kath said...

Your new blog look is lovely Katrina. Love it.

Have a lovely weekend away too.. and enjoy the shopping.

AnneS said...

I had to look twice when I opened your blog up 'cos I didn't recognise it ;) Looks great - I think it does you good to change every once in a while ... if you want to use Design A Blog, I have to admit I think they did a great job on mine in the end, but in my case I found I had to tell them exactly what I wanted, as I was mortally disappointed with their first attempt ... either that, or I'm just picky! LOL. Hope you have a great time in Taupo - wave to the trout for me, and a huge wave to Mt Ruapehu in the distance ;)

Carol said...

Oooo Katrina! Elizabeth's Designs has just released Nature's Alphabet II!!!!!!! Wanna do a SAL?? I just ordered it today!! Woo Hoo!!

La Natole said...

your blog is really beautiful!!!
I'll come back...

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