Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Some stitching progress

Back in early October I bought Elizabeth Design's In the Garden of my Heart pattern, thinking that I'd like to stitch it for Glenn's Mum for Christmas. I made a very small start on it before our wedding and then picked it up again last week. Here's my progress so far.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Its a lovely stitch but then aren't all the ED patterns, lol. I'm becoming quite a fan, thanks to my kiwi stitching friend Lisa, after seeing a couple she has stitched. I'm using 32ct lambswool linen which I'd never stitched on before and after getting used to the stiffness of the fabric, I think I quite like working on it. My other wips, Celtic Winter, Elisabeth's stocking and Noah's Sub haven't been touched in so long, oh well, my annual summer vacation is just around the corner.

Last night I "ornamentified" a couple of ornies I'd stitched a few months ago, one for the Stitching Bloggers Ornament exchange, and one for the annual ornament exchange on the Teresa Wentzler board. Will be able to share pics a bit later in the month once the recipients receive them. I have several other finished ornies to make up which I hope to do over the next fortnight and I have yet to stitch one out of this year's ornaments magazine - usually by this time of the year I've stitched at least one, lol.

oh yes, does anyone know of any up and coming sales at any of the online LNS's - I can feel a bit of splurge coming on, I know I shouldn't but it will be my last treat of the year, lol.


Kath said...

You will have that one done in no time with your turbo needles Trina. Heather will love it. Lambswool will soften after a wash if that is what you do. I like stitching with it too.

tkdchick said...

Love the sheepies!!!

Nicki said...

Countrystitch has a sale on for the whole month if you feel like a fabric splurge!

Love your stitching - not much more to do¬

Bea said...

Hi Katrina,
your ED pattern is turning out lovely. I'm a fan of ED! Thanks for sharing your pictures. They're gorgeous and I love them.

KarenV said...

I love stitching on Lambswool - I actually prefer the stiffness to a really floppy linen - ugh!

Your ED garden is beautiful Katrina - great progress :)

AnneS said...

That ED design is just lovely - I love the different variety of stitches in that - I bet it's a fun stitch!

AnneS said...

Stitching Bits & Bobs have a sale at the moment - only for a few days, though, but 25% off ... it offsets the postage cost (and they're very reasonable with that too).
Only thing is sometimes their delivery can be pretty slow, especially if things have to be ordered in, but I'm impressed with them so far!

Chelle said...

Love the ED! You're making great progress. Her designs are a joy to stitch.

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