Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sure is Hot!

Its been a stunning day here today, very warm and not a cloud in the sky. Will be interesting to see what the temperature has been on the tv weather news tonight, must be a least 25 degrees C. Good day for get washing dry, and thats what I spent a couple of hours doing last night, washing all the new linen we received as wedding presents. We were given oodles of towels, bath mats and flannels, which we needed as a lot of our linen has seen better days. We also received 3 sets of egyptian cotton sheet sets - uumm, can't wait to sleep on them, lol.

I've spent several hours over the past few evenings blog and board hopping and I'm so impressed by everyone's recent finishes, wips and newly acquired stash purchases. You guys sure know how to tempt this girl! I've been "reminded" about several designs that I'd like to stitch fairly soon, and in no particular order:

The Drawn Thread
Christmas Bell pull -from one of the Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine
Periennal Border
Linen & Lace
Toccata II

Elizabeth Designs
Christmas Joy

Rose Celebration

sigh, more to add to the to stitch one day list. Tonight I'm going to take a break from In My Garden and work on the JCS Retro RR ornie which arrived last weekend while watching Coronation St and McLeod's Daughters. So much for my stash shopping this week, I'm patiently waiting for my new visa card to arrive - forgot about that when I changed my surname at the bank earlier in the week!!


Carol said...

What a great list of projects you have lined up right now :-) Looking forward to Mermaids of the Deep Blue with you in January - I think I have chosen Ocean Waves belfast by Stitches and Spice for mine... took me forever to find the right fabric!! LOL!!

Ah yes, you have all the fun now of changing your name on everything! It takes forever, as things pop up that you had not even thought about.

Kath said...

Your temps must have been at least 28 yesterday Trina - it's quite cool here today and looks like rain for the weekend.

I see you are up and running with new projects... wahoo!

And isn't it lovely wanshing all those new things, and do let me know about the Egyptian sheets, I am looking at getting some. I am needing new sheets for our bed as they have seen better days.

Kath said...

and a girl without a credit card.... that's fatal! Hope it arrives soon.

Gill said...

I've recently noticed 'Rose Celebration' too and added it to my wishlist. There are so many beautiful designs out there.

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