Sunday, November 20, 2005

More "Finishing"

Its a beautiful day here - sunny and warm, and there's a gentle breeze. The local aerodrome is holding an open day, and as its not far from our house, we have had all sorts of planes and helicopters buzzing around in the sky today. I've been out in my garden, enjoying some fresh air and sunshine but thought I'd come inside as its a bit too warm out there :) Glenn has been away all day at our other house section, cutting the grass down before it gets too long, dries off in this hot and dry weather and becomes a fire hazard.

Time for a stitching update - In the Garden of my heart is all but done, only the little fence to stitch now and as I'm waiting on a Weeks thread to come in the mail, I hope to have it finished in the next day or so. Last night I dug Celtic Winter out of my stitching basket, the poor lady has not been touched since September I think? my progress so far:

Image hosted by

I've been thinking over the past few days about a few small gifts for friends that I'd like to stitch in time for Christmas so later I'll kit them up and focus on those over the next week or so now that the "ornamentifying" I've been doing is almost all done, yay. I have some more pics to share:
Image hosted by
Hope by M Designs - for Glenn's Mum

Image hosted by
Love by M Designs - for my Mum

Image hosted by
my 1st ever no sew cube it

Image hosted by
a freebie by Stitchy Kitty

Its going to be bit of a mailing day tomorrow as I've got parcels all ready to send out for:
- JCS Retro Ornie RR
-Teresa Wentzler Ornament exchange (all the way to the Netherlands)
- Seasonal Exchange parcel.

thank you so much for the comments about my other ornaments, I really appreciate it :)


zoeandcooper said...

Great job on all of your piece. CW is looking wonderful. I also like the no sew cubes you have done

Kath said...

You have been a busy girl!

tkdchick said...

Wow Katrina your ornaments are fantastic! I have to figure those Cube-its out!!!

KarenV said...

Great finishing on all your ornaments Katrina - you've been busy!

I didn't get as many ornaments done in October as I wanted to (thanks for asking), but I did manage a few, including Prancer (2004 mag), HE Noel Pillow (2005)and HIH Tall Snowman. I've just finished the Prairie Moon ornament from this year's mag and it turned out really cute! Once I've completely finished my Quaker exchange piece (hopefully tonight), I plan to stitch a few more ornaments in time for Christmas :D

Nicki said...

Just thought I'd say how lovely all your ornaments are :)

AnneS said...

Heck, you've been busy ... your latest ornies are lovely - the banners are great, and I really love the no-sew cubes - great job! :) CW is coming along nicely too - I love the Celtic ladies ... I've been looking through my stash over the last few weeks and came across Spring - very tempted ... as if I need MORE in my rotation LOL. Look forward to seeing CW grow over time :))

Terri said...

Congratulations and your finishes! I love your cubits :D

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