Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You've got Mail...

On Monday I received two lovely packages in the post - firstly, a piece of custom dyed Kiwi Illusions from Linda at Countrystitch for Celtic Winter. I had orginally ordered Riverstone but felt that it was going to be too grey so Linda was happy for me to return it for a piece of 28ct Cashel in a subtle shade of Coastal Ice. The colouring is similiar to 3841 DMC.

A recent order from Needlecraft Corner was in the letterbox too. I got Mermaids of the Deep Blue (I really want to start this right NOW), a chart for my seasonal exchange partner's Autumn parcel, two of Something in Common's Baby Samplers - Baby Love and Stars & Moon Baby Sampler (one of which I'll stitch for my friend Bec), The Triology's Friendship, Holiday Ornamentals by JBW Designs, Magnifica beads for Celtic Winter, a skein of Silk n Colors and the Crescent Color threads for M Design's Sampler Girls. So much for being on a cross stitch diet, ie, no new stash, until after the wedding. I think this year has been really bad for stash accumulation, lol. Thats not all though, I placed an order for a piece of Kiwi Sparkles for the new Mermaids yesterday!!

So since all the supplies were ready to go, last night I started Celtic Winter, yay! I'm going to put in a few more hours on her to make a good start so will be back with a pic to share of her maybe tomorrow. Then next week I'll slot Celtic Winter into Monday and maybe Tuesdays. All going well Winter into Spring might just get finished on DT Thursday this week and Elisabeth's stocking is not too far off being finished either. Oh goodie, some free space in my rotation for Mermaids of the Deep Blue, lol.

Still waiting on the JCS ornie issue to arrive too, can't be far away now.

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Carol said...

Oooo, Katrina! Cool new stash! I know, I want to start Mermaids of the Deep Blue right now too - want to? Maybe we could start them soon?? I am waiting, though, for my Mithril for it.... I can't wait to see your Celtic Winter! Yay! Katrina has started!!!

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