Monday, September 05, 2005

What a wonderful weekend!

I've just had the lovliest weekend at the stitching get together. Not only was it filled with lots of chatting, laughter, friendship and happy times, I actually gots loads of stitching done :)

My friend Wendy picked me up about 10.45am on Friday and off we went. Our first stop was at Palmerston North to meet up with my aunt for lunch. Her Mum came with us too. Had the nicest iced coffee at one of the cafe's and lunch before having a wonder around some of the shops. I was very restrained and only bought one thing, a small basket with a handle that you can carry cutlery, etc in and put on a outdoors table when we have a bbq - I'd been wanting one for ages.

We headed off from Palmy about 3ish and arrived in Paraparumu about 4.30pm to the holiday house we were staying at for the weekend. Kath had already arrived and was waiting to greet us. After chatting for a bit, we jumped in Kath's car and zoomed around to where Kath and her husband have just started building a new house as well as dropping by her house to pick up a few things - more extension cords and stitching lamps, lol. It was great to catch up with Kath's husband and daugher too. We decided on chinese for dinner and it was yum! Later on Lisa and Pat came around to the house and the fun began!! We spent several hours drooling over one another's newly completed projects and recently acquired stash. I think some of us did a little bit of stitching too, lol.

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Wendy and Kath, enjoying the sunshine

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Lisa and Katrina

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Saturday we headed into town for a spot of shopping, and after picking up some lunch our afternoon stitching session began. It was perfect bliss, sitting there stitching away and chatting. I honestly can't remember when I last stitched the afternoon away on a Saturday. We decided to go for chinese for dinner again, how could we not, it was absolutely delicious, and then sat down for some more serious stitching. About 9pm Kath remembered that we hadn't exchanged our friendship gifts so everyone disappeared to get them from their bags. While I was sitting there innocently, little did I know that they had all been plotting and they threw me a little bridal shower!! It was so funny, and here's a pic to show off their antics:

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thank you ladies, you really made my night, and thank you for the lovely gifts too.

here's a pic of all of our exchange pieces, aren't they wonderful?
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Lisa brought along her folder of the Drawn Thread patterns and oh wow, I've got to get me some of those, lol. I also had a rethink about the piece of fabric I'd picked for Celtic Winter and after admiring Lisa's piece of Riverstone that she has chosen for Celtic Summer, I'm going to place an order for some from Countrystitch this week. I had planned to start Celtic Winter during the weekend but nevermind, I'm pleased with my decision. I'll also order some Kiwi for Celtic Autumn while I'm at it.

As well as our exchange pieces, Kath also gave each of us a small gift - a small ort bag. They are the cutest wee things, isn't she clever?
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Sunday morning was spent chatting, tidying up the house, and saying our goodbyes - it seemed like no one wanted to leave. Not too worry, plans are already being made for 2006's get together!


Cathy said...

How sweet that they trhew you a shower! It's always so nice when you don't know it's coming. I'm glad you had such and enjoyable weekend.

tkdchick said...

Katrina sounds like the perfect weekend to me! Your retreat is much more intimate than the TWBB one I go to in Brighton. But I like the idea and it would be neat to organize something like that with my close stitching friends.

That was so lovely that they threw you a little bridal shower! How fun!

Christine Doyle said...

What a great weekend, Katrina! And a great way to throw a shower - I like your friends already!

Carol said...

Ooooo, thanks for the photos! Looks like a lovely bunch and what a good time. So sweet of them to even throw a bridal shower.... and I adore that ort bag :-)

KarenV said...

Sounds like you had a great time Katrina! How lovely that they threw you a shower - that's really sweet :)

I love the ort bag - Kath is very talented - and the friendship gifts look lovely :)

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