Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend Stitching

On the weekend I started and stitched most of the Santa's Wish List so I finished it last night and found some buttons for it:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Santa's Wish List - Lizzie *Kate, stitched on 32ct fabric.

I plan to finish it as a bellpull but like all my other recent finishes for now it will go into the folder :)

I received October's Just Cross Stitch magazine in the mail yesterday from Carol:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
It has a gorgeous autumn design in there by Jeanette Douglas and I noticed there's a sneal peek at a couple of the ornaments to be in this year's Ornament issue. Not long now until it comes out!! Thanks for the trade Carol - it will quite a few weeks before we see it here in NZ.

Wedding Update - as you can probably guess, a lot of my spare time is pretty tied up with wedding things at the moment, there's now only 7 weeks to go. A couple of minor details have been sorted this week - Glenn's best man, who lives in Aruba, has emailed his measurements for his suit; my cousin in Melbourne has been able to find a dressmaker to make her bridesmaid outfit and not charge a too high cost for it and she has also found some shoes for the other bridesmaids; I have been back in touch with a family friend who is making our cake and he has come up with several great ideas; this weekend we hope to go to the wedding venue to sort out a few details; and we're starting to get lots of RSVP's, yay!


Isabelle said...

Congrats on the finish, Katrina. The message is cute and funny!

KarenV said...

Santa's Wish list looks really cute Katrina - congratulations! :)

Carol said...

You are so very welcome Katrina - am always happy to do a trade with you - I love the Jill Oxton mag you sent in exchange too :-) The LK design is beyond adorable - congrats on the happy dance!! And, oh my, how hectic - I cand't believe you are now down to only 7 weeks to go!!!!!! Getting nervous yet??

Little Grey Cat said...

oh that is pretty :o)

tkdchick said...

That is so sweet!!!!

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