Wednesday, September 07, 2005

September Ornie HD & a new rotation plan

Here's my choice for September's Christmas ornament:

Image hosted by

Christmas Kitty Moon - Stitchy Kitty, stitched on 32ct lugana Kiwi Illusions, colour unknown.

It was a fun and quick stitch. I was just about to start the next small project on my list for September last night, M Designs' Little Pink Houses, when my friend Rebecca called from Sydney. It was a nice surprise and we had a good catch up as well as talking about wedding plans, and baby things (she's due in late February). I'll get to see her in only a few weeks now as Bec is one of my bridesmaids.

While I was on my way to work this morning, I was thinking about setting up a new stitching rotation. (I get alot planned between 7.50am and 8.10am in the mornings, its a good time to think and clear my head before arriving at work, lol.) So here's what I'm going to put into action starting tonight:

Weekly Rotation:
Wednesday's - Noah's Sub SAL with Dani
Thursday's - Drawn Thread and Just Nan projects night - starting with continuing on Winter into Spring
Friday's and Saturday's - small projects (ornaments, gifts, etc)
Sunday's - Shepherd's Bush Stockings (half way on "Elisabeth" and would really like to stitch "Sophie" before Christmas
Monday's - Celtic Winter SAL with Carol and friends
Tuesday's - free night to work on any of the above.

Sound good? Of course, this may go all out the window as we get closer to the wedding, lol. But I know I might need my stitching to keep me sane and calm, ha ha.

Its been another lovely spring day. The tv weather news reported last night that we are going to have a mild spring this year - sounds good, so far it has been. If only we could put an order in for a good day of weather for the 22nd October, lol.

Off for a walk now, take care & happy stitching.


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KarenV said...

Your plans sound great Katrina! And I love Christmas Kitty Moon - it's so cute!

Isabelle said...

That Christmas Kitty Moon is adorable!

Kiwi Jo said...

you've got a great start on Christmas stitching Katrina!

Carol said...

Christmas Kitty Moon is cute!! Congratulations on another HD :-) Your rotation sounds wonderful!!!! I think a lot on the way to work too - except for me that is flat out 8 AM to 9 AM.... looooong commute down to Massachusetts :-( We are having a mild start to our autumn, and I hope it holds for a while!!

Stitchie Kiwi said...

That Kitty Moon is gorgeous, as is Santa's Wishes ... gosh if you HAD stitched 12 hours you would have got them both finished a few days ago! LOL

Can't wait to see your Celtic Winter started ... I'm starting to think I'll definitely stitch that one after Summer ... on the same fabric :)

Kath said...

Katrina, Stitchy Kitty design is just so darned cute! Love it lots. I had toyed with buying a few of their patterns, just might do so now!! LOL

Loved your new rotation plans, and I am about to re-think mine too. I am sure I should get some quality stitching in between now and Christmas...

hehe, yes, your 12 hour marathon would have produced some real extra goodies I bet!

Jenn said...

Christmas Kitty Moon came out great. Did you use the speciality thread for the white fur? How was it to work with? I had problems with it when I went to use it on St. Patricks Day Kitty Moon.

karensff said...

Christmas kitty is very cute.

tkdchick said...

Katrina I love your ornie its soo cute!!! And well I love cats!

Ulla said...

A kind,tough little Christmas moon
in cross-stitch

Ulla in the noth of Sweden

BeckySC said...

I love Christmas Moon, Katrina :) I love the fabby and the colors :)
GOOD job :)
Thanks for sharing :)

Bastet said...

Love the ornament! Can't wait to see some of the Celtic Winter when you start her up.

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