Sunday, August 28, 2005

It Must be Spring

Thank you everyone for the great comments you made about our wedding invite:) I'll try to get a better pic up in the next day or so.

Carol, my surname after the wedding will be Jamieson :)

Its a beautiful day out this morning and spring must be almost here. My first daffodil is up:
Image hosted by
While I was outside before I took some photos of our house:
At the start of the driveway
Image hosted by
our front deck
Image hosted by
the end of our garage, and back deck and lawn
Image hosted by

Glenn is out on the back deck this morning installing the outdoor speakers to the stereo system he bought for my birthday in April. It will be so good when we are able to sit out on deck and start having barbeques, usually we have our first bbq for summer in early October, as soon as our daylight savings hours begin.

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours kitting up a few up and coming projects I'd like to stitch. I had been wanting to do this for ages, and they will keep me going for a few months, if not into next year, lol.

- L&L's Celtic Winter for September's SAL (see Carol's blog for more details)
- Just Nan's Jolly Old Elf, which I started last night
- M Design's Little Pink Houses
- Lizzie Kate's Santa's Wish List
- Triology's Season Greetings
- Brightneedle's Pretty in Pink
and lastly, a 4 My Boys freebie, Peace, which is my choice for this weekend's freebie stitchalong on the Needle and Thread board.

I've got a huge pile of invoices to make a start on so I'd leave it here for today. Enjoy your weekend!


Carol said...

Awwww, how cool to see your first daffodil! And your house too :-) Thanks for the name update - I had actually been wondering about that for a while now, finally asked you!!!

Carol said...

My goodness Katrina - they went and named this horrific hurricane down in the Gulf of Mexico after you! Now, that just was not nice of them :-)

Kath said...

Nice to have your first daff out Trina. House is looking lovely as usual.

Don't take any notice of them naming a hurricane after you.... nothing could be further from the truth! LOL

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