Tuesday, June 21, 2005

On a roll this week

Another happy dance for the week - it sure feels good getting some projects ticked off June's goals list, even though they are small :)

Victoria Sampler's #11 International Heart - New Zealand

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Stitched on 25ct evenweave.

Here are the details from the pattern regarding what the symbols represent in the heart for my overseas friends:

Official Flower of New Zealand: Pohutukawa Tree
National Plant: Fern
Bird and Emblem: Kiwi

" One of the most popular flowers in New Zealand is the brilliant red blossom of the Pohutukawa tree, otherwise known as New Zealand's Christmas tree as it blooms in December. The native flightless and nocturnal Kiwi on the right is not only the official bird but also New Zealand's national emblem on military badges and other items. Even New Zealanders are sometimes referred to as Kiwis! The Triple twist stitch represents the Pacific ocean surround this Island Nation. At the bottom of the heart you'll find a sheep, as sheep ranching, sheepskin rugs, wool and meat are some of the most important industries in the country. Sheep outnumber people 11 to 1".

I think I might find some truly "kiwi" fabric to make this into a little pillow to send to a friend in Sweden.

Browsing around earlier I spotted Just Nan's new releases - cool. There is a new freebie as well, Whimzi Rose .

I visited my LNS during my lunchbreak today to pick up some antique white 28ct cashel linen. I was amazed to find when rummaging through my fabric drawer last night that I don't have any plain coloured linen in either 28ct or 32ct. The LNS didn't have much in stock, they are waiting for back orders of fabric to come in. So now I'm off to cut and overlock my piece to get ready for my next start, A Christmas Tree Sampler by JBW Designs.


Cathy said...

Wow, you're just zipping right along with these finishes! Great job, and I love the description you gave for the New Zealand project.

Vero M said...

I am happy dancing with you Katrina.Glad to have met your blog.
Veronique in France

Karen said...

The New Zealand heart is gorgeous Katrina - congratulations! I love those JBW Designs samplers - you've just reminded me that I have one in my stash I'd forgotten about ;)

Karen V (Stitch One, Knit Too)

tkdchick said...

Katrina I'm jealous! I want to HD!!!

Carol said...

Very cute! And thanks for the link for the Just Nan freebie! Love it!

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