Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Celtic SAL Progress & a Catch Up

Here is my progress so far on my Celtic Band Sampler, a stitch along with Dani and Carol. I think we might be up to Week 7 Dani :-). We all seem to be making great progress.

Image hosted by

I have spent the past two nights on it as I didn't get any done last week. It was a bad week for stitching last week, maybe about 100 stitches for the entire week? Monday night was the first night I picked up a needle since last Wednesday. No wonder I stitched like a woman possessed last night!

Last night I decided to give my current Wips, Noah's Sub and Emerald Mermaid, a rest for the moment and work on a few smaller things. I feel like its been ages since I had a happy dance!

The reason for no stitching over the past few days was that I was out of town for a few days break (and of course, retail therapy, lol). I went to vist my aunt and uncle in Palmerston North, about 1 1/2hrs south of where I live. We had a great weekend - shopping, eating out, staying up late talking and of course, our favourite thing to do, go to the movies. We went to see Mr and Mrs Smith, and Ladies in Lavender, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. As usual, I spent a small fortune in the shops!! We also went to a bridal expo on the Sunday and I got some really great ideas for table settings and foral arrangements. I also purchase a vital wedding "accessory" which I was really excited about. My aunt was really funny - she wants all our wedding details to be a surprise on the dat so while I was making inquiries at several of the displays she'd wonder off in another direction so she couldn't see what I was up too, lol!! I didn't have any luck finding any shoes but I did see several pairs that would be suitable for my bridesmaids. Its winter ball season here at the moment so the shoe shops were full of lots of gorgeous evening shoes.

I arrived home Monday afternoon and then back to work yesterday. Well, to a training session at the local Hearing Association so it was all go catching up with paperwork and other jobs that had come in since last week today.


Karen said...

I've just commented on Dani's sampler and yours is just as gorgeous! Keep up the progress Katrina, I love seeing the pictures :)

Karen V

Carol said...

Hi Katrina - Nice to see you back :-) I feel like I am only on week 3 or 4 with CBS :-) Mine is so far behind you and Dani.... but nice to see how lovely it will look someday LOL!

tkdchick said...

Katrina I was starting to worry about you!!! Wow your piece is looking fantastic!

By the way I'd take your winter any day!!! 10c is heaven compared to -25 or colder!

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