Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Central Hawkes Bay Online!

At long last the area where I live has its own website!

Central Hawkes Bay

It has some great photos of around my town so if you'd like to check it out and learn all about the longest placename in the world, here's the site to see.


Carol said...

That was fun Katrina - thanks! Karen and I had a great visit - she thinks you are a sweetie - she loved your thank you note :-) She left my beads in her suitcase, so she is sending them to me today from a US post office - I can't wait to see them!! The shop I went to today carries delicas - first time I have seen them around here. Karen would kill me if I bought them there though :-) She is already upset I bought Celtic Winter - she wanted to include it in my bday gift.

Carol said...

Hi Katrina... hmmm.. which one of my stash items is now on your wishlist?? :-)

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