Thursday, May 12, 2005

Week 2 SAL Progress

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments about the exhibiton! Several of you have mentioned about wishing to see closer up pics - I do have some so I'll add them to my Webshots album over the weekend sometime for closer viewing!

Last night I stitched on CB Sampler while watching the Two Brothers dvd - which is about two tiger cubs separated from each other, and are then reunited later a few years later. A good family movie and if I hadn't been so engrossed with my stitching I'm sure I would have had to get some tissues out!

here's my progress so far
Image hosted by

I'll come back to rest of the blackwork band next week I think.


Karen said...

Great start to Celtic Band Sampler, Katrina - I'll look forward to seeing your progress :)


tkdchick said...

Your CBS is looking fantastic! I look forward to next week's progress!

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