Friday, April 29, 2005

Its Friday!

First up for today, Stitching Blogger's Question

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Do you set stitching goals?
Oh yes! For about five years now I've been keeping a stitching diary where I record all sorts of things to do with my stitching - gifts to stitch, exchanges, patterns that I'd like to stitch, my yearly list of Christmas ornaments, etc, etc. At the start of each year I go through and work out what I'm planning to stitch for the year and make a note when to I intend to get started on them. This then sort of becomes my monthly goal list and I add other stitching plans as they come up. I also write down the start and finish date of my projects but I definately don't record how many hours they may have taken - that's too serious for me, lol. This method seems to keep me on track and focused. Of course, at times it all goes out the window when a new pattern takes my fancy, but hey, thats ok, isn't that what having an addiction of a hobby like cross stitch is all about!

Emmy has a tail! my progress as of last night.

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I'm really enjoying this one, lots of lovely greens, which for some reason I haven't stitched with for awhile. I'm not sure about one lot of the beads though - they don't seem to be "fitting" very well. Might have a ponder over the next few days and perhaps see if I have some other beads of a similiar colour that might work a bit better.

Its a beautiful afternoon here. The day started off very chilly this morning, won't be long now before we get a frost, but at least you know you are going to get left with a lovely day. I've been to my hairdresser this afternoon for a cut and colour - this time I went for a chocolately reddy brown, and it feels great. We had a discussion about how I might have my hair for the wedding so I'm going to keep an eye out for some pictures in magazines of what may suit. The length is getting there, its the longest I'd had my hair for years.

Off now to send an order to Needlecraft Corner, there's one or two charts I'd like to get so thought I'd take advantage of the savings I'll make since its my birthday month.


Carol said...

Katrina - you are just plugging away at Emmy! Great job! I am going to Celebrations tomorrow - there will be several vendors there - if you need any beads, let me know, as I still have to post that DMC #8 902 and Six Hem Sampler to you anyhow! Which color is not fitting well, maybe a new pack will work better??

Karen said...

Great progress on Emmy, Katrina :)


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