Monday, March 28, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question

What are your thoughts on craft and/or needlework shows? Have you been to one or are you planning on going to one this year?

I love going to craft or needlework shows. I always get quite inspired seeing what other people have done, and more often than not, I usually find a new pattern or too that I may not have seen before, lol. In and around my home town, there are several patchwork and embroidery clubs, and most of the clubs hold annual exhibitions each year. I’ve never been to a huge craft show though where you can buy supplies and visit stalls.

Coming up very soon, in early May, is my cross stitching group’s annual exhibition. This is our 6th year, and it’s held as an annual fundraiser for the disability service I work for. Every year it seems to get bigger and bigger, attracting people from all around. Its hard work to get it all co-ordinated, and then getting the displays organised, but in the end its all worth it - seeing all the beautiful work on display and getting to chat with fellow stitcher’s all weekend, what more could a stitcher ask for?

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Carol said...

Katrina - If you are ever in New Hampshire during the last week of April, I will be happy to take you to Celebrations! They offer classes, usually by Eileen Bennett, Catherine Strickler, Betsy Stinner.... and sometimes a one or two others :-) I am taking one with Betsy Stinner (Earth Threads) this year, and last year I took one with Catherine Strickler (Indigo Rose) - very fun, would love to have you join me!

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