Thursday, March 31, 2005


Its been one of those weeks this week - not only have I had a lot on at work this week including my yearly report to get done for the Ministry,and several evenings of bookwork for our business, but for the first time in ages I had a bad headache. It came on at work before morning break (what does that tell you I wonder?) and most times I can shake it off by going out for some fresh air and a walk during lunch but no, this one decided to linger all day. I tried sitting quietly in front of the tv last night but in the end, I went off to bed and thank goodness when I woke this morning it had gone.

Rain, rain go away, we've had downpours on and off again for the past few days. Yesterday afternoon about 4pm, there was a huge thunder and lightening storm and then down it came. Luckily we had no major flooding around our street but the shops in our main street of town are in clean up mode this morning, and there's silt everywhere. The sun is shining today so that will dry things out a bit.

Our Easter weekend was really good, and it was so nice just being at home after all our trips away. I did get lots of stitching done like I planned - one Christmas ornament, more on the SB stocking, and I also started Just Nan's Dragonfly scissor case. I've been wanting to stitch it for a long time now, I love the colours in it - turquoise and the purples. Will share some piccies later. Petal Fairy is 99% finished too, frustratingly I ran out of the yellow beads with only a few to go and the ones I had preordered from my LNS a few weeks ago still haven't arrived before the long weekend break. One of my friends has come to my rescue - thanks Jan!!, and picked up some from her LNS, so they should be in the post today.

Our new office that Glenn has built in the garage is almost ready too so we were able to start moving things in over the weekend. Up until now, I've been using one of the bedrooms as an office as well as storing all my stash and crafty things in the wardrobe. The plan was to sort through everything before I moved it out into the office but in the excitement of having all these new storage cupboards and shelves I thought what the heck, it could wait until during the winter months. I didn't realise how many magazines, cross stitch as well as patchwork and embroidery, that I had until the weekend! We just need to get the electrician in and the carpet put down, then I'll be able to move the computer in there too.

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