Monday, March 07, 2005

Neil Diamond Rocks!!

A few weeks ago Glenn surprised me by buying us tickets to see Neil Diamond in concert. We went on Saturday night and it was awesome!! We went on a bus with 18 others from a social club that Glenn belongs to and stayed at Silverstream, which is a suburb just out of Wellington.
The bus delivered us to our accomodation for the night and then we all caught the train into Wellington, which took about 35 minutes. The staduim where the concert was, the Westpac Stadium, is right by the train station. The plan was to go somewhere for dinner before the concert but Wellington was absolutely buzzing with 1000's of people and after walking around for about an hour and half trying to find a bar or restuarant that wasn't jammed packed full of people, we gave up and went back to the stadium and found some food there - baked spuds in their jackets with cheese, coleslaw and sour cream topping - just yum, especially with a glass or two of chardonnay, lol.

I hadn't been to the Westpac stadium before so was very impressed by the bigness of it all. Glenn has been there several times for rugby games so he knew exactly how to find our way around. Our seats were right in the front of the stage, only about fifteen rows back. We had quite a bit of time to fill in before the concert started but that was easily filled with "people watching", lol. We spotted heaps of people we knew too.

The concert itself was just cool - Neil Diamond was too, and his back up singers were amazing. My favourite songs of the night had to be Red Red Wine and of course, Sweet Caroline.

It took us quite awhile afterwards to find our way out and back to the train station, perhaps that was because there was over 40,000 people there, lol. Apparently, some other concert goers didn't have such a good time due to the sound in some areas of the stadium, but it certainly didn't affect us. I'll definately go back there for a concert any day. In fact, one of my favourite singers, Sarah McLachlan, is going to be in Wellington next weekend, which I would have loved to go and see.


Literary Lady said...

Oh I envy you! I'd love to see Neil in concert. Got to see Rod Stewart this past year and loved it!


Carol said...

Very cool Katrina! I am so jealous of you! We haven't been to a concert in years :-)

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