Friday, February 25, 2005

A Day at the Beach

Yesterday I got to spend the day at one of our local beaches, Pourere, so I though you might like to see some piccies, isn't it beautiful?

Thank you too for all the positive comments about Real Roses. You will be pleased to hear that after this week's progress I'm now well over the 3/4 mark.


Carol said...

What an absolutely gorgeous beach Katrina! I am drooling..... deep breath, summer is coming!!

Gosia said...

Wow, I'm so jealous. Such a difference to dizzle, melting snow and flu time!

Congrats on real Roses!

tkdchick said...

Sigh... summer is still a LONG way off! But those beaches look heavenly compared to the snow in my backyard!

But in two weeks I'll have some beach pictures to share as I'm off to Myrtle Beach for my March Break.

It would be nice to have the sea in my backyard!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! That looks like heaven!

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