Monday, March 21, 2005

Home Again

I'm home again after a great weekend away in Wellington with Glenn, and our friends, Gail and Brent. We drove down Friday afternoon and the traffic wasn't too bad so got into Wellington early evening. We did have one hiccup, my friend Gail, who was driving , got a ticket just out of Wellington city for failing to give way at a roundabout. $150.00 later thank you very much, and her first ever traffic ticket.

After we checked into our motel we went for a walk to find a bar for a drink, or two!!, and then had a walk around to find some where for dinner and guess where we ended up, Mcdonalds, not exactly my favourite but the guys couldn't make their mind up! We got up fairly early on Saurday morning and went to a cafe called Vista for breakfast before hitting the shops. In the end Glenn and Brent left us to it, hee hee. Gail and I did manage to find one of the bridal shops I had hoped to find, Astra Bridal, after walking for quite a few blocks, only to discover that they didn't have anything that I was looking for. I did see a lovely pair of shoes that would have been perfect but they were a bit too flat, I'd prefer a shoe with a bit more height.

We decided to find somewhere for a meal before making our way to the staduim for the rugby and ended up at the Wellington Sports Cafe. Had a lovely meal there, chicken with garlic mash and chargrilled vegetables -yum! The game started at 5.30pm and we made it to our seats just in time to see the teams come out onto the field. It was awesome, just loved it!! Ok, so the Hurricanes didn't win, but the whole experience of going was cool. We've already planned to go to another game at the end of April. After the game we caught the bus back to the bar we'd been to Friday night to meet up with some other friends who been to the game as well.

Yesterday morning we got an extra hour to sleep in as the Daylight Savings hours have now finished here in NZ but Glenn and I were still awake early. After having breakfast at the Mr Bun Cafe we headed out of Wellington to the Porirua shopping mega centre. I found some jeans on sale and a lovely turquoise jumper that came with a pretty brooch (brooches seem to be in for our winter this year). Then we were back on the road again before stopping in Paraparaumu to visit some friends who have just built a new home. Our joinery business supplied the kitchen joinery so off course we were all keen to how it looked in the house, lol.

We finally made it home about 5pm and after unpacking and getting a couple of loads of washing done, we headed out for dinner to finish the weekend off.

I'm looking forward to getting some stitching done tonight - I'm getting withdrawal symptoms, hee hee. I have some "finishing" to do first though on my friend's birthday pressie, will share a piccie of it when its done. Only the beading and backstitching to go on Petal Fairy too, yay.

Just had an email from Countrystitch too, and Debbie has some new Kiwi Illsions which I'll have to check out later. I'm going to make an order at Stitching Bits and Bobs too as they have 25% off a few of the charts that are on my wish list at the moment.

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Carol said...

Hi Katrina - I received your lovely package yesterday. Thank you - you are so sweet! Let me know if you need anything else anytime!

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