Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Postcard from Palmerston

This week I'm visiting my aunt and uncle in Palmerston North, and I have my cousin Kimberley with me. Tonight I thought I'd get the laptop out and catch up with my emails and drop a line or two here about the week so far.

So far we've spent most of the time shopping until we're dropping! Our poor feet were so tired out earlier on after our third day out in a row. Yesterday, since it was "cheap Tuesday", Kim and I went to three movies - Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, Racing Stripes, and Finding Neverland (with one of my favourite hunks, Johnny Depp)all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. Of course, I've checked out all of my LNS's and have been able to pick up a few threads, and other stash supplies that I had on my list including:

- 3 Rajmahal Art Silks - red, green, ink for a blackwork Christmas ornament
- Two DMC perle threads for Elisabeth stocking
- a soie cristale thread in a forest green
- a piece of 28ct clay coloured cashel linen, which I might use for ornaments this year
- several Anchor "reds" one of which I think I might use for Long Dog sampler's Mouline Rouge.

I also bought two fat quarters of craft fabric - a Christmas one, and one with violets on it which I might use to sew Mum a little caddy bag for her scrapbooking scissors, ruler and pens.

Kim and I have also checked out several bridal shops and yesterday I found the most loveliest coloured fabric for the girls' bridesmaid dresses. The lady in the shop gave me a sample to take home so I might be able to find the same fabric back in Hawkes bay somewhere. There is some lovely bridal jewellery in the shops here so I guess I will just have to come back for another trip later in the year,lol.

I don't have any stitching progress to report as I haven't done one stitch since last Thursday! My fingers are just itching to pick up a needle!

Heading home on Friday so I will catch up again in a few days time.

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