Friday, January 14, 2005

Is it Friday again already?

Although I'm still on holiday and have been home most the week, the days seem to be flying by. Last week I made a list of the jobs that I wanted to do this week and I have managed to cross off a few - jobs like cleaning the fridge out, and the junk drawer where all the bills, letters, and other bits of paper get filed until I have some time to sort them out. I've also sorted out our bank statements, etc, Glenn and I have mananged to collect over recent years and they have all been filed away into storage boxes which will go up into the storage space in our garage. By doing this I've freed up some space in the wardrobe of the spare bedroom. I've also tided up my craft cupboard and filed away some new threads and patterns into their proper places. Beside my computer I have a little green basket that I put all my new stash into as well as the thread, pattern and any leftover fabric from a recently completed project. Every couple of weeks I'll then go and sort everything out into either my pattern folders or thread storage boxes.

I have also pulled out threads and fabric for the first ornament of 2005, an Elizabeth Designs one from an earlier Just Cross Stitch Ornaments magazine, and got Shepherd's Bush Elisabeth stocking all kitted up.

Yesterday I went to town to meet my Mum for lunch and we spent some time talking to the owner of the scrapbooking shop about wedding invitations. She gave me lots of ideas, plenty to think about over the next few weeks. Mum and I are intending to make the invitations ourselves.

On Sunday I'm going to Palmerston North, about 1 1/2 hours south of here, to visit with my aunt and uncle until either Thursday or Friday. I do this most holidays and spend the week going to the movies, shopping, reading and stitching, and basically, just relaxing. This time I'm taking my cousin Kimberley with me, who is 11 yrs old, and I can imagine we'll be going to every single bookshop and the library several times, as Kimberley is a big reader!

Have a great weekend and will catch up again sometime next week!


Carol said...

Ooooo, looking forward to seeing the Elizabeth's Designs ornament :-)


PS - Thanks for the WIP pic of Petal Fairy - gorgeous!!! I can't wait to start mine too!

KarenV said...

Sounds like you've been busy :) Enjoy your weekend and your week with your relatives.


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