Saturday, January 22, 2005

whew, its hot

Today it has been an absolute scorcher here, it must have been at least 30 degrees C. Glenn and I, and my parents, went through to Napier to our wedding ceremony and reception venue, East Pier, to meet with the Manager, Dave. We paid our deposit so its all official now!! We're getting married on the 22nd October!!! The great thing was that the venue was set up for a wedding reception later today so I was able to sneak in and take some photos of how the tables were set up and the way other things were arranged. It was such a beautiful day there in Napier, the sea was just sparkling, a lovely turquoise colour. But guess what? During the weekend we've chosen for our wedding, there are going to be two other weddings at the venue. Hope they don't get our cakes mixed up!!

Today I've been stitching on: Mirabilia's The Petal Fairy

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