Friday, January 07, 2005

Another week gone

A few hours ago I waved goodbye to my dear friend K who had been staying with us for a few days. We'd had a lovely time, stitching and lots of chatting going on indeed. We also had a stitching session yesterday afternoon at my house with a couple of friends for a few hours, catching up with what each other has been up too since Christmas and what our 2005 projects are going to be. great way to spend a couple of hours.

I've been making great progress on the petal fairy since New Year's - she has a neck, an arm and a lovely flower in her hair, lol. Since its almost the weekend she now goes back into the basket, and I'll be working on SB's Meadow Hill, a WIP from 2004. K gave me the the Weeks Dye Works perle threads that I need for the next Shepherd's Bush stocking, Elisabeth, which I'm planning to start on Sunday night.

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Carol said...

Hi Katrina,
You are so diligent with your rotation schedule. I wish I could do that. When I get all enchanted with a project, I cannot bring myself to put it down.... I can't wait to start Petal Fairy too. I am doing it as an SAL with Karen of Dragonfly Dreams and we still have to both get our supplies together - especially choose our fabrics - and then we can start. I hope you will post some progress pics of yours!

Carol in cold NH

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