Sunday, January 09, 2005

Computer troubles

For sometime now my home computer has been playing up, causing me lots of frustrations, lol. On Friday I decided that enough was enough, and its gone off to the "doctor" to be fixed. I popped into work to pick my laptop up so have spent a fair bit of time over the weekend, catching up on all the boards and blogs that I've not been able to read for the past week. Fingers crossed that its doesn't cost too many $$$$ to be fixed. I have a feeling it might, oh dear :(

Didn't get any stitching done on Friday as Glenn and I went out with friends for drinks and ended up having dinner out as well. I spent a couple of hours Saturday afternoon working on Meadow Hill. This is a very quick stitch - the bands on this little sampler are only 18 stitches wide. I think I might continue working on this until its done, I can see it only taking a few more hours. (Although according to my rotation I am due to start Elisabeth's stocking today,lol)

Last night my parents, brother and niece came for dinner. Glenn had roasted beef on the bbq which was just melt in your mouth! We also had new potatoes from Dad's garden, new season pumpkin, peas and some salad. I had made a yoghurt dressing using mint leaves, cumin seasoning and garlic which went down a treat.

Later on while Glenn and I finished watching the 3rd Harry Potter dvd I worked on the scarf that I'm knitting for my swedish friend's daughter. I'm using a feathers mix of blue, green and grey. Will share a pic when its done.

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