Monday, June 24, 2019

Two "Finally Finished" Ornaments

Recently I was having a tidy up in my craft/office space and came across a small pile of stitched ornaments from a few years ago - I'd completely forgotten about them!  

These are the first two - 

this is a design from the Lizzie Kate 2013 Flora McSample Stockings:

Blackbird Designs stocking from the Merry December leaflet

Both have been finished as flat ornaments with trims made from DMC 221.

See you soon x


Kay said...

Your post has just reminded me that I have a couple of pieces in my drawer to get made up, not my favourite part of sewing but must be done. Yours look lovely. x

butterfly said...

Lovely stocking love them .
Have a great day .

Marilyn said...

Both so cute!

Vickie said...

I have a stocking ornament that needs to be finished into an ornament for years now. I have never done it because I am intimidated. I never thought to do it as a flat finish!

Jackie's Stitches said...

Beautiful finishes Katrina!

Andrea said...

Great finishes. I really must get around to tidying the room where my craft stuff is, but there always seems to be something else to do.
Have a good weekend.

Our photos said...

Beautiful ornaments!

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