Tuesday, September 18, 2018

A finch bucket for some more new projects

I like to keep any small leftover scraps of fabric from my sewing projects just in case I might be able use them for something else like the backing of an ornament, etc.  I recently started watching videos by Jade from Stitch Mischief and I really liked her pattern for the Finch Bucket.

It's a lot larger than my normal knitting project bags but absolutely the perfect size for projects using several skeins of yarn. I thought this would be a great size to load up with projects for taking away on holiday too.  There is also a smaller size too, Little Finch Bucket, which is included with the pattern.

I decided to make a patchwork panel for my bag out of some of the fabrics I've used recently.  There is an option to use one fabric for this panel. I also used some natural linen left over from the stocky sock bags that I made awhile ago.

The only cord I had in my stash was this thick one but I'm going to replace it with a more natural looking one next time I visit Spotlight. 

So what is in my new Finch Bucket?  A new shawl is underway - I've started the Washed Out Shawl by Joji Jocatelli using the gorgeous Bleating Art yarn I bought recently. This could be on the needles for quite some time!

Another blogger that I enjoy watching videos by is Sandra from Cherry Heart Designs.  Sandra recently released a new sock pattern, which I had to start straight away, lol.

This yarn is Fig bird by Circus Tonic Handmade.  So pretty.

I haven't picked up my Cosy Stripe crochet blanket project for ages but I had a day off work last week with Hannah, who was feeling a bit under the weather, and decided to get a few rows done.

The colours are so pretty and make me feel so happy every time I get this out.  Many, many rows to go!

See you soon x


Kay said...

That is a great bag, I don't knit or crochet but I am sure I could still use it for all sorts of things. x

Marilyn said...

A very pretty bag.
Love that Cozy Afghan.

loulee said...

That is a great wee baggie, just the right size for a wee knitted or crochet project.
Your blanket is looking wonderfully colourful. I'd save it now for the winter months. It's getting a little too warm to be under woollen blankets.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

I love your bag and your wool for your latest socks. One of those bags would be useful to hold my wool. I must finish the one I cut the fabric for. I'm not surprised your crochet blanket cheers you up with all those great colours.

Meg Hopeful said...

I really like your bag, the fabrics are lovely. I would like to make one like that as I don't have a bag large enough to hold more than one ball of yarn. I will check out the pattern. Enjoy your holiday in Fiji! Meg:)

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