Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Stitching Update

The latest Farmhouse Christmas chart arrived in the mail so I had to start straight away on it last night. I'm so enjoying this series and now there's only two more to come! 

I've also stitched a fair amount more on this lovely piece, updated pic to come.

Two close friends have recently celebrated their special days so I made some Stocky Sock project bags, its such a handy size for any crafty project.

I purchased this pattern from Sandra of the Cherry Heart blog via her Etsy shop.

In other stitching related news, I had a lovely catch up on Saturday with my dear friends Kath, Clare and Wendy. We haven't seen much of each other over the winter months so it was wonderful to spend a few hours together. Kath, Clare and I have signed up for the "Tis the Season Sal, the lovely design by Blackbird Designs. I've had the pattern and fabric since it was first released and I've ordered the especially dyed threads by Nancy from Victoria Motto Sampler Shoppe. Looking forward to this getting underway next month.

See you soon xx


The Crafting Tortuga said...

Your project bags look gorgeous! Thanks for posting the Etsy link to the pattern.

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butterfly said...

Great new start ,love the project bags .

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
Love the BB piece,
The bags are so pretty.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A great selection of projects.

Tammy said...

Your projects are great! And I'll have to look into those bags. They are super cute!

Andrea said...

Great bags and lovely stitching.

I have been thinking of joining the 'Tis The Season SAL too. I have everything ready to go … well I had it ready last year!! It will have to be through the IG # though as I definitely don't do FB.

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